Tucson wins West Coast Showdown

  Posted May 03, 2011

Las Vegas, Nevada  ...

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Minnesota Jaguars featured on CBS

  Posted April 18, 2011


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Queens Crowned Winner in Boston Preseason Invitational

  Posted April 13, 2011

The Hudson Valley Queens traveled to Boston Mass. for a weekend preseason tournament. They played their first game Friday night against the home team the Boston Bombers. It was very well played game and stayed close throughout. Stephany Neptune was fouled with 7 secs left to go down by 1. She ca...

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Player signed & sent overseas before 1st game

  Posted March 20, 2011

The Columbus Hidden Gems signed Jamika Banks with every intention of her playing in the 2011 WBCBL season, but now will have to wait a while before she actually puts on the uniform. Jamika has signed a professional contract and is in Australia for the next few months beginning her dream. The 6'0" Fo...

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Columbus Hidden Gems Roster Additions & Updates

  Posted March 04, 2011

After a stellar career at Northern Kentucky, Jessica Slack was about to play with the Columbus Hidden Gems of the WBCBL when a sudden ACL injury derailed her attempt. Slack has now fully recovered and will be expected to make some of the same amazing plays she made on a consistent basis at Northern ...

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New Regional Director for East Coast

  Posted March 01, 2011

The WBCBL is proud to announce NyKesha Thompson as the new East Coast Regional Director. ...

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