Calisha_Yates - Calisha Yates, from Savannah Lady Warriors, is now overseas in Finland and putting in work!
BlueStreakz Prayer - Pregame Prayer in DC
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Recent Results
Sun Aug 5/18 4:00pm:
Carolina Lady Rush 62
Detroit Dodgers 65
Sun Aug 5/18 2:00pm:
Riviera Beach Heatwave 62
Atlanta Monarchs 108
Sun Aug 5/18 2:00pm:
St. Louis Surge 79
Atlanta Monarchs 80
Sat Aug 4/18 8:00pm:
Detroit Dodgers 75
Atlanta Monarchs 97
Sat Aug 4/18 6:00pm:
Dallas Diesel 68
St. Louis Surge 91
Sat Aug 4/18 12:00pm:
Phoenix Lady Elite 1 59
Dallas Diesel 62
Sat Aug 4/18 10:00am:
Virginia Lady Warriors 71
St. Louis Surge 91
Sat Jul 21/18 6:00pm:
Las Vegas Gems 70
Phoenix Lady Elite 1 80
Sat Jul 21/18 5:05pm:
Midwest Flyers 59
St. Louis Surge 93
Sat Jul 21/18 4:00pm:
Music City Icons 63
Atlanta Monarchs 86


T1Arkansas Starz633.5006.03-0
T1Asheville Lady Panthers927.2228.52-4
T1Atlanta Blue Widows202.0007.00-0
T1Austin Elite606.0009.00-4
T1Boston Bombers000.0006.00-0
T1Brevard Flame1019.10010.01-4
T1California Finest000.0006.00-0
T1Charleston Lowcountry Fire1394.6923.54-2
T1Cleveland Crush734.4296.52-1
T1Columbus Hidden Gems871.8753.04-0
T1Columbus Lady Wings1091.9002.07-1
T1Dallas Crest761.8573.53-0
T1Dallas Lady Diesel743.5715.53-2
T1Detroit Black Hawks817.1259.01-4
T1Douglasville Mustangs734.4296.52-2
T1Everett Elite202.0007.00-1
T1Fayetteville Lady Rush1293.7503.04-1
T1Flint Lady Monarchs844.5006.02-2
T1Florida Knighthawks1037.3008.01-5
T1Fort Lauderdale Lions1376.5385.52-2
T1Gulf Coast Tropics936.3337.52-3
T1Illinois Shooting Stars1266.5006.05-2
T1Kansas Nuggets14131.929-7-1
T1Lady Destroyers000.0006.00-0
T1Lakewood Panthers312.3336.50-1
T1Las Vegas Dynasty000.0006.00-0
T1Louisiana Allstars532.6005.53-0
T1Louisiana Bayou Angels13112.8461.57-1
T1Miami Rain11101.9091.55-1
T1Mississippi Storm633.5006.01-2
T1Missouri Arch Angels12210.16710.02-4
T1Montgomery Dream615.1678.00-0
T1New Hampshire Marvels000.0006.00-0
T1New Orleans Riders615.1678.01-0
T1Oklahoma Rage413.2507.00-0
T1Orlando Extreme1293.7503.05-1
T1Palm Beach Storm303.0007.50-3
T1Phoenix Rockets000.0006.00-0
T1RDU Sting707.0009.50-4
T1Rock County Robins826.2508.02-2
T1San Diego Sol000.0006.00-0
T1Seattle Express5501.0003.52-0
T1South Carolina Storm1129.1829.52-4
T1St. Louis Surge16124.7502.07-2
T1Tacoma Stars514.2007.51-2
T1Tampa X-Factor945.4446.51-3
T1Tuscon Sol000.0006.00-0
T1USA Elite1495.6434.05-2
T1Winston-Salem Lady Warcats1495.6434.05-2