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Recent Results
Sun Aug 5/18 4:00pm:
Carolina Lady Rush 62
Detroit Dodgers 65
Sun Aug 5/18 2:00pm:
Riviera Beach Heatwave 62
Atlanta Monarchs 108
Sun Aug 5/18 2:00pm:
St. Louis Surge 79
Atlanta Monarchs 80
Sat Aug 4/18 8:00pm:
Detroit Dodgers 75
Atlanta Monarchs 97
Sat Aug 4/18 6:00pm:
Dallas Diesel 68
St. Louis Surge 91
Sat Aug 4/18 12:00pm:
Phoenix Lady Elite 1 59
Dallas Diesel 62
Sat Aug 4/18 10:00am:
Virginia Lady Warriors 71
St. Louis Surge 91
Sat Jul 21/18 6:00pm:
Las Vegas Gems 70
Phoenix Lady Elite 1 80
Sat Jul 21/18 5:05pm:
Midwest Flyers 59
St. Louis Surge 93
Sat Jul 21/18 4:00pm:
Music City Icons 63
Atlanta Monarchs 86


T1Asheville Lady Jaguars945.4448.03-2
T1Auburn Flyers15132.8672.08-0
T1Beaufort Bisons1138.27310.02-2
T1Capital City Cougars817.12510.51-2
T1Carolina Lady Rush936.3339.02-3
T1Charlotte Invasion151501.000-10-0
T1Cleveland Crush624.3338.51-2
T1Dade County Bulls12102.8333.58-0
T1Dallas Crest642.6676.52-0
T1Dallas Diesel1082.8004.55-1
T1Florida Knighthawks633.5007.52-2
T1Georgia-Lina Hurricanes1064.6006.54-1
T1Gulf Coast Tropics817.12510.51-3
T1Houston Sparks202.0008.50-1
T1Illinois Shooting Stars1266.5007.53-2
T1Indianapolis Blue Lightning505.00010.00-1
T1Louisiana Bayou Angels963.6676.04-0
T1Louisville Fillies541.8006.03-1
T1Memphis Lady Tigers633.5007.51-1
T1Minnesota Black Ice936.3339.02-2
T1Mississippi Dream972.7785.05-0
T1Mississippi Storm716.14310.01-2
T1Missouri Arch Angels1037.3009.52-2
T1Nebraska Strikers1073.7005.55-1
T1Oklahoma City Angels808.00011.50-2
T1Orange Park Crusaders734.4298.02-2
T1Palm Beach Sabers202.0008.50-0
T1San Antonio Crusaders1064.6006.56-1
T1South Carolina Storm1459.3579.54-2
T1St. Louis Surge13112.8463.08-0
T1Tampa X-Factor202.0008.50-0
T1Tuscon Sol000.0007.50-0
T1USA Elite817.12510.50-5
T1VA Lady Vikings1073.7005.54-1
T1Virginia Lady Stallions945.4448.03-2
T1Winston-Salem Lady Warcats835.3758.52-0