Calisha_Yates - Calisha Yates, from Savannah Lady Warriors, is now overseas in Finland and putting in work!
Another draw won...
Tawanna Flowers

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Recent Results
Sun Jul 15/18 2:05pm:
Music City Icons 44
St. Louis Surge 123
Sat Jul 14/18 7:00pm:
Music City Icons 58
Midwest Flyers 89
Sat Jul 14/18 5:00pm:
Orlando Splash -
Beaufort Bison -
Sat Jul 14/18 5:00pm:
Orlando Splash -
Beaufort Bison -
Sat Jul 14/18 4:00pm:
Jacksonville Reign 56
Dade County Lady Bulls 113
Sat Jul 14/18 3:00pm:
Georgia Stampede 85
Carolina Lady Rush 88
Sat Jul 14/18 2:00pm:
Huntersville Lady Hornets 81
Charlotte Invasion 94
Sat Jul 14/18 1:00pm:
Virginia Lady Warriors 74
Baltimore Lions 68
Sat Jul 14/18 TBA:
Grand Rapids Galaxy 65
Cleveland Crush 73
Sat Jul 14/18 TBA:
Detroit Dodgers 76
Toledo Threat 61


T1Alabama Reign826.2508.02-1
T1Baltimore Cougars651.8334.03-1
T1Baltimore Lions000.0006.00-0
T1Beaufort Bisons1037.3008.01-3
T1Capital City Cougars808.00010.00-4
T1Carolina Lady Rush13103.7692.56-1
T1Central Florida Swans312.3336.50-1
T1Charlotte Invasion14104.7143.08-1
T1Cleveland Crush945.4446.51-2
T1Conyers Rockets1376.5385.54-3
T1D.M.V. Bucks615.1678.01-2
T1Dallas Crest413.2507.00-1
T1Dallas Diesel11101.9091.57-1
T1Detroit Dodgers743.5715.53-1
T1Garland Hoyas707.0009.50-2
T1Georgia Soul18153.833-8-1
T1Georgia Stampede14104.7143.05-2
T1Grand Rapids Galaxy13103.7692.56-1
T1Gulf Coast Tropics624.3337.01-1
T1Iowa Force404.0008.00-2
T1Jacksonville Beach Panthers972.7783.54-2
T1Jacksonville Tigers715.2148.01-2
T1Kansas City Majestic303.0007.50-2
T1Las Tuscon Sol321.6675.50-0
T1Las Vegas Dimes211.5006.01-0
T1Long Island Wave303.0007.50-0
T1Los Angeles Beauties5501.0003.54-0
T1Louisiana Bayou Angels862.7504.04-0
T1Louisville Fillies909.00010.50-4
T1Maryland Queens000.0006.00-0
T1Midwest Flyers1082.8003.06-1
T1Music City Icons716.1438.50-0
T1Oakland Rise954.5565.51-2
T1Ocala Bobcats523.4006.52-1
T1Orlando Stars944.5006.02-2
T1Phoenix Lady Elite 1743.5715.52-2
T1Questlife Legacy202.0007.00-0
T1San Antonio Crusaders752.7144.53-1
T1San Diego Sprint11110.09110.51-4
T1South Carolina Storm1358.3857.53-3
T1Southern California Splash954.5565.52-3
T1St. Louis Surge12111.9171.06-1
T1Texas Storm835.3757.03-3
T1Toledo Threat945.4446.52-3
T1Virginia Lady Warriors954.5565.53-2
T1Winston-Salem Lady Warcats11110.09110.51-4