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May 5/18 TBA Grand Rapids, MI Detroit Dodgers Grand Rapids Galaxy
May 5/18 3:00pm Durham, NC Huntersville Lady Hornets Carolina Lady Rush
May 5/18 6:00pm West Point, GA Atlanta Monarchs Georgia Stampede
May 6/18 5:00pm Orlando, FL Dade County Lady Bulls Orlando Splash
May 12/18 TBA Cleveland, OH Toledo Threat Cleveland Crush
May 12/18 TBA West Point, GA Louisville Fillies Georgia Stampede
May 12/18 TBA Hampton, VA Baltimore Lions Virginia Lady Warriors
May 12/18 2:00pm Charlotte, NC Carolina Lady Rush Charlotte Invasion
May 12/18 5:00pm Riveria Beach Orlando Splash Riviera Beach Heatwave
May 12/18 5:00pm Jacksonville FL Jacksonville Beach Panthers Space Coast Tarheels
May 19/18 TBA Cleveland, OH Detroit Dodgers Cleveland Crush
May 19/18 TBA Toledo, OH Grand Rapids Galaxy Toledo Threat
May 19/18 TBA Nashville, TN Georgia Stampede Music City Icons
May 19/18 1:00pm Baltimore, MD Charlotte Invasion Baltimore Lions
May 19/18 3:00pm Raleigh, NC Dade County Lady Bulls Carolina Lady Rush
May 19/18 3:00pm Ft. Myers Riviera Beach Heatwave Florida Bobcats
May 19/18 4:00pm Orlando, FL Space Coast Tarheels Orlando Splash
May 19/18 5:00pm Jacksonville, FL Beaufort Bison Jacksonville Beach Panthers
May 19/18 7:00pm Des Moines, Iowa Native Dream Iowa Force
May 20/18 7:00pm Elsberry, MO St. Louis Surge Midwest Flyers
May 26/18 6:00pm Atlanta, GA Carolina Lady Rush Georgia Stampede
May 26/18 7:00pm Des Moines, Iowa St. Louis Surge Iowa Force
May 27/18 TBA Beaufort, SC Georgia Stampede Beaufort Bison
May 27/18 1:00pm Atlanta, GA Carolina Lady Rush Atlanta Monarchs
Jun 2/18 TBA Detroit, MI Cleveland Crush Detroit Dodgers
Jun 2/18 TBA Norcross, GA Georgia Stampede Atlanta Monarchs
Jun 2/18 3:00pm Durham, NC Beaufort Bison Carolina Lady Rush
Jun 2/18 4:00pm Miami, FL Space Coast Tarheels Dade County Lady Bulls
Jun 2/18 4:00pm Orlando, FL Jacksonville Beach Panthers Orlando Splash
Jun 2/18 5:00pm Ft. Myers Jacksonville Reign Florida Bobcats
Jun 2/18 7:00pm Omaha, NE St. Louis Surge Nebraska Strikers
Jun 2/18 7:00pm Elsberry, MO Iowa Force Midwest Flyers
Jun 3/18 2:00pm Macy, Nebraska St. Louis Surge Native Dream
Jun 9/18 TBA Grand Rapids, MI Cleveland Crush Grand Rapids Galaxy
Jun 9/18 TBA Louisville, KY Georgia Stampede Louisville Fillies
Jun 9/18 TBA Louisville, KY Louisville Fillies Georgia Stampede
Jun 9/18 TBA Baltimore, MD Baltimore Lions Baltimore Dynasty
Jun 9/18 5:00pm - Jacksonville Beach Panthers Beaufort Bison
Jun 9/18 5:00pm Riviera Beach, FL Dade County Lady Bulls Riviera Beach Heatwave
Jun 9/18 5:00pm Titusville, Fl Florida Bobcats Space Coast Tarheels
Jun 9/18 7:00pm Des Moines, Iowa Nebraska Strikers Iowa Force
Jun 9/18 7:05pm St. Louis, MO Midwest Flyers St. Louis Surge
Jun 13/18 2:00pm Macy, Nebraska Nebraska Strikers Native Dream
Jun 14/18 TBA Toledo, OH Detroit Dodgers Toledo Threat
Jun 14/18 TBA Titusville, Fl Orlando Splash Space Coast Tarheels
Jun 14/18 5:00pm Titusville, Fl Jacksonville Beach Panthers Space Coast Tarheels
Jun 16/18 1:00pm Durham, NC Baltimore Lions Carolina Lady Rush
Jun 16/18 2:00pm Macy, Nebraska Midwest Flyers Native Dream
Jun 16/18 4:00pm Miami, FL Jacksonville Reign Dade County Lady Bulls
Jun 16/18 4:00pm Orlando, FL Florida Bobcats Orlando Splash
Jun 16/18 5:00pm Atlanta, GA St. Louis Surge Georgia Stampede
Jun 17/18 2:00pm Omaha, NE Midwest Flyers Nebraska Strikers
Jun 17/18 4:00pm Atlanta, GA St. Louis Surge Atlanta Monarchs
Jun 23/18 TBA Toledo, OH Cleveland Crush Toledo Threat
Jun 23/18 TBA Detroit, MI Grand Rapids Galaxy Detroit Dodgers
Jun 23/18 TBA West Point, GA Music City Icons Georgia Stampede
Jun 23/18 2:00pm Macy, Nebraska Iowa Force Native Dream
Jun 23/18 3:00pm Durham, NC Charlotte Invasion Carolina Lady Rush
Jun 23/18 4:00pm Miami, FL Orlando Splash Dade County Lady Bulls
Jun 23/18 5:00pm Riveria Beach Space Coast Tarheels Riviera Beach Heatwave
Jun 23/18 5:00pm Jacksonville FL Jacksonville Beach Panthers Jacksonville Reign
Jun 23/18 7:05pm St. Louis, MO Atlanta Monarchs St. Louis Surge
Jun 24/18 1:00pm Elsberry, MO Atlanta Monarchs Midwest Flyers
Jun 30/18 TBA West Point, GA Beaufort Bison Georgia Stampede
Jun 30/18 TBA Hampton, VA Charlotte Invasion Virginia Lady Warriors
Jun 30/18 3:00pm Durham, NC Huntersville Lady Hornets Carolina Lady Rush
Jun 30/18 5:00pm Ft. Myers, F Dade County Lady Bulls Florida Bobcats
Jun 30/18 5:00pm Riviera Beach, FL Jacksonville Beach Panthers Riviera Beach Heatwave
Jun 30/18 5:00pm Titusville, Fl Jacksonville Reign Space Coast Tarheels
Jun 30/18 7:00pm Elsberry, MO Native Dream Midwest Flyers
Jun 30/18 7:00pm Omaha, NE Iowa Force Nebraska Strikers
Jun 30/18 7:05pm St. Louis, MO Toledo Threat St. Louis Surge
Jul 1/18 1:00pm Durham, NC Atlanta Monarchs Carolina Lady Rush
Jul 7/18 TBA Detroit, MI Cleveland Crush Detroit Dodgers
Jul 7/18 TBA Charlotte, NC Toledo Threat Charlotte Invasion
Jul 7/18 TBA Charlotte, NC Virginia Lady Warriors Charlotte Invasion
Jul 7/18 1:00pm Baltimore, MD Baltimore Dynasty Baltimore Lions
Jul 7/18 2:00pm Beaufort, SC Carolina Lady Rush Beaufort Bison
Jul 7/18 4:00pm Jacksonville, FL Dade County Lady Bulls Jacksonville Beach Panthers
Jul 7/18 5:00pm Jacksonville, FL Orlando Splash Jacksonville Reign
Jul 7/18 5:00pm Titusville, Fl Riviera Beach Heatwave Space Coast Tarheels
Jul 7/18 7:00pm Omaha, NE Native Dream Nebraska Strikers
Jul 7/18 7:00pm Des Moines, Iowa Midwest Flyers Iowa Force
Jul 7/18 7:05pm St. Louis, MO Georgia Stampede St. Louis Surge
Jul 14/18 TBA Cleveland, OH Grand Rapids Galaxy Cleveland Crush
Jul 14/18 TBA Raleigh, NC Georgia Stampede Carolina Lady Rush
Jul 14/18 1:00pm Baltimore, MD Virginia Lady Warriors Baltimore Lions
Jul 14/18 4:00pm Miami, FL Florida Bobcats Dade County Lady Bulls
Jul 14/18 5:00pm Beaufort SC Orlando Splash Beaufort Bison
Jul 14/18 5:00pm Jacksonville, FL Riviera Beach Heatwave Jacksonville Reign
Jul 14/18 7:00pm Elsberry, MO Nebraska Strikers Midwest Flyers
Jul 15/18 2:05pm St. Louis, MO Nebraska Strikers St. Louis Surge


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Recent Results
Sun Aug 6/17 2:05pm:
Georgia Soul 64
St. Louis Surge 63
Sat Aug 5/17 8:00pm:
Charlotte Invasion 79
St. Louis Surge 85
Sat Aug 5/17 6:00pm:
Georgia Soul 80
Dallas Diesel 60
Sat Aug 5/17 4:30pm:
Louisiana Bayou Angels 65
Charlotte Invasion 87
Sat Aug 5/17 2:00pm:
Virginia Lady Warriors 66
Georgia Soul 75
Sat Aug 5/17 10:00am:
Cleveland Crush 75
Dallas Diesel 81
Sat Jul 22/17 6:30pm:
Orlando Stars 70
Jacksonville Beach Panthers 88
Sat Jul 22/17 6:30pm:
Conyers Rockets 78
Georgia Soul 80
Sat Jul 22/17 6:00pm:
Cleveland Crush 79
Toledo Threat 74
Sat Jul 22/17 6:00pm:
Virginia Lady Warriors 103
Baltimore Cougars 102


T1Atlanta Monarchs000.000-0-0
T1Baltimore Dynasty000.000-0-0
T1Baltimore Lions000.000-0-0
T1Beaufort Bison000.000-0-0
T1Carolina Lady Rush000.000-0-0
T1Charlotte Invasion000.000-0-0
T1Cleveland Crush000.000-0-0
T1Conway Bearcats000.000-0-0
T1DC Allstars000.000-0-0
T1Dade County Lady Bulls000.000-0-0
T1Dallas Crest000.000-0-0
T1Dallas Diesel000.000-0-0
T1Detroit Dodgers000.000-0-0
T1Florida Bobcats000.000-0-0
T1Georgia Stampede000.000-0-0
T1Grand Rapids Galaxy000.000-0-0
T1Huntersville Lady Hornets000.000-0-0
T1Iowa Force000.000-0-0
T1Jacksonville Beach Panthers000.000-0-0
T1Jacksonville Reign000.000-0-0
T1Killeen Force000.000-0-0
T1Las Tuscon Sol000.000-0-0
T1Las Vegas Dimes000.000-0-0
T1Louisville Fillies000.000-0-0
T1Midwest Flyers000.000-0-0
T1Music City Icons000.000-0-0
T1Native Dream000.000-0-0
T1Nebraska Strikers000.000-0-0
T1Oakland Rise000.000-0-0
T1Ocala Lightning000.000-0-0
T1Orlando Splash000.000-0-0
T1Phoenix Lady Elite 1000.000-0-0
T1Riviera Beach Heatwave000.000-0-0
T1San Diego Sprint000.000-0-0
T1Space Coast Tarheels000.000-0-0
T1St. Louis Surge000.000-0-0
T1Toledo Threat000.000-0-0
T1Virginia Lady Warriors000.000-0-0
T1West Coast Lioness000.000-0-0