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Recent Results
Mon Aug 8/16 2:00pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
St. Louis Surge 69
Flyers Elite 55
Sun Aug 7/16 8:00pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
Flyers Elite 80
San Antonio Crusaders 66
Sun Aug 7/16 6:00pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
St. Louis Surge 77
Charlotte Invasion 62
Sat Aug 6/16 4:00pm:
Atlantic (AL, GA, SC):
Flyers Elite 85
Georgia Soul 66
Sat Aug 6/16 2:00pm:
Mid South (AR, LA, OK, TX):
Dallas Diesel 84
San Antonio Crusaders 90
Sat Aug 6/16 12:00pm:
Carolinas (GA, NC, SC, VA):
Louisiana Bayou Angels 70
Charlotte Invasion 84
Sat Aug 6/16 10:00am:
Smoky Mountains (GA, NC, TN):
St. Louis Surge 112
Conyers Rockets 100
Sat Jul 30/16 4:00pm:
Gulf South (AL, LA, MS):
Louisiana Bayou Angels -
Arkansas Stingers -
Mon Jul 25/16 5:00pm:
North East (IL, KY, MI, OH):
Queen City BBE - Cincinnati 60
Cleveland Crush 69
Sat Jul 23/16 7:00pm:
Mid West (IL, KS, MO, MN, NE):
Flyers Elite 91
St. Louis Surge 76


1San Antonio Crusaders12111.9170.59-1
2St. Louis Surge15132.867-6-1
3Charlotte Invasion13103.7692.07-1
T4Carolina Lady Rush1293.7502.55-1
T4Conyers Rockets1293.7502.55-1
T5Flyers Elite15114.7332.03-3
T5Georgia Soul15114.7332.07-3
T6Dallas Diesel1183.7273.05-1
T6Nebraska Strikers1183.7273.04-2
7Mississippi Dream642.6674.53-1
8Louisiana Bayou Angels853.6254.53-0
9Metroplex Skyline532.6005.02-1
10Georgia Stampede1275.5834.53-3
T11Cleveland Crush633.5005.53-1
T11Houston All-Stars211.5005.50-0
T12Gulf Coast Tropics734.4296.02-2
T12Virginia Lady Warriors734.4296.03-0
13South Carolina Storm1257.4176.52-4
14Texas Storm835.3756.52-3
T15Iowa Force1037.3007.51-3
T15Kansas City Majestic1037.3007.51-4
16Capital City Cougars725.2867.01-2
17Winston-Salem Lady Warcats1138.2738.01-3
18Queen City BBE - Cincinnati413.2506.51-0
19Asheville Lady Jaguars615.1677.50-3
20Arkansas Stingers716.1438.00-1
21Dallas Crest1019.1009.51-3
22Beaufort Bisons11110.09110.00-5
T23Alabama Reign000.0005.50-0
T23Baltimore Cougars000.0005.50-0
T23Calgary Storm101.0006.00-1
T23Central Florida Swans000.0005.50-0
T23D.M.V. Bucks000.0005.50-0
T23Detroit Dodgers000.0005.50-0
T23Fort Worth Pounce000.0005.50-0
T23Gainesville Lady Panthers000.0005.50-0
T23Grand Rapids Galaxy000.0005.50-0
T23Long Island Wave000.0005.50-0
T23Maryland Queens000.0005.50-0
T23Missouri Arch Angels10010.00010.50-6
T23Oakland Rise000.0005.50-0
T23Orlando Stars000.0005.50-0
T23Tennessee Lady Hornets505.0008.00-3
T23Toledo Threat000.0005.50-0