DMV Bucks partners with Hotspot4basketball

Posted January 8, 2017

Hotspot4basketball is a Membership-Based website primarily to help coaches but also designed for clubs, players and basketball fans around the world. Whether you are a Head or Assistant Coach, beginner or a veteran, you are in constant need to upgrade yourself. Not only we want to connect coaches from different continents but also to enable them to learn from each other and share their basketball knowledge.Get noticed by clubs, find players for your roster or just enjoy basketball.This website will provide you an experience on a different level through weekly seminars, daily practice videos, game and analysis,Q&A’s and much more.



A former NBA player as Bucks new assistant coach

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DMV Bucks partners with Hotspot4basketball

January 08, 2017   read more
  • Welcome to the new home of the D.M.V. Bucks
  • "Fear the Deer"
  • "You can't make it if you don't shoot"
  • "Its not just basketball
  • It's a lifestyle"

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