Coach William Johnson Head Coach of the Lady Panthers

Posted December 31, 2017

Coach William Johnson is a Jacksonville native. Currently, he is the Girls Varsity coach at Beaches Chapel. He comes from a basketball family. He has played basketball for over 20 years. He has coached in a world tournament. Placing 8th out of 150 Nations. He is a trainer and coach for a girls traveling basketball team. He is the founder of Team Randolph Basketball Training. A program that train and mentor kids. Coach William has been training and mentoring kids for over 8 years.

Coach Will finished 1st in the Suncoast Region 2017 season and is returning as not only the head coach of the Lady Panthers for his second season, but he has also been named General Manager of the team as well.  Coach Will is a great asset to the organization and we welcome him back.




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First Workout

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Coach William Johnson Head Coach of the Lady Panthers

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