2017 Season was a bust

Posted July 16, 2017

2017 Season was a bust

The struggle was real throughout the season for the Fillies. Players never brought into the system deviced by three different coaches. The players decided too play there own brand of basketball refusing to follow any game plans developed by the either coaches. I really don't believe any team actually beat us because of the enternal demise of the players. They had there own agenda from day one, more worried about travel and what they could disrupt. A player even attempted to go behind the owners back and check into management details and even bad mouthing him to anyone that would listen. The Fillies were in the best possible position as far as reaching the next level with the inside track being that there owner is also a sports agent but talented players refused to even sign contracts that where offered to them. The future of the Louisville Fillies is very much up in the air. The time and money spent on this years team did not pan out ​as expected so a lot of soul searching has begun in order too decide if the Fillies will be put out to pasture for good. There will never be a better opportunity then the one provided by this organization for women reaching there dream of playing on the next level.


  • Welcome to the 2017 Louisville Fillies Professional Women's Developmental Basketball Team
  • Voted the best team in the Midwest
  • The premier player's connection to overseas careers.
  • This is the #1 organization for advancing to the next level professional basketball career.
  • We develop individuals and skills while making dreams come true.

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