2018 Bantam AAA Pre-Season Classic

hosted by the West Coast Cardinals


The West Coast Cardinals' parent group have worked hard to prepare and deliver an outstanding tournament experience for everyone participating and in attendance. Here is what we have avaiable for you at the 1st annual Bantam AAA Pre-Season Classic:

  • Concession open Fri-Sun at both Town Centre and Bird Field (Bird Field concession run by Pajo's Fish & Chips)
  • Krispy Kreme for sale Fri-Sun ($1/per donut or $12/dozen)
  • Loonie bat and raffle basket prizes
  • 50/50 (twice a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, each draw is a combined pot from both fields)
  • "Player of the Game" medal awarded to one player on each team for every round-robin game
  • 1st and 2nd place medals
  • Championship trophy awarded to the winning team


Pool A: Cloverdale, Delta B (Blue), North Langley, Okotoks, West Coast

Pool B: Abbotsford, Delta A (Orange), Langley Blue Prep, Richmond, White Rock Prep

Tournament Hub: https://goo.gl/rhH2Zz

The above Tournament Hub link will be your home to all the up-to-date scores, standings, pitch counts and tie-breaking scenarios. There will be nothing posted at the fields.


50/50 Winning Numbers

  • Friday 12pm: 6082007 (CLAIMED)
  • Friday 5pm: 608062 (CLAIMED)
  • Saturday 12pm: 6076160 (CLAIMED)
  • Saturday 5pm: 
  • Sunday 12pm: 
  • Sunday 5pm:

Raffle Prize Winners

Winners announced on Sunday at 11am.


Tournament Rules

Unless modified below, this tournament will adhere to BC (Minor) Baseball's rulebook.

a) 9 man ball (or 10 with EH) with re-entry; no DH allowed
Re-Entry: Any starting player may be substituted for and returned to the game, one time only. He/she must return to his/her original place in the batting order. Any pitcher, if removed from the game may return, but may not pitch. Any further substitutions do not jeopardize the right of re-entry for the original/starting player. Any starting player returned to the game may pitch if he/she has not previously assumed that position.
b) Courtesy runners for the catcher at any time will be allowed for all round robin and consolation games
Courtesy Runners: must be a player who has yet been substituted into the game, if no legal substitutes are available then the team must use their "last out" for the courtesy runner; no courtesy runners for SF, Bronze and Gold games
c) There is no fair play rule. Players are not required to have an at bat or play a minimum number of defensive innings.

Home-Visitor Determination
a) The home/visitor designation will be indicated on the schedule for all round robin games
There are no assigned dugouts
b) In semi-final games, the highest ranked team (1st in Pool A/B) has choice of home or visitor
c) The following games will coin flip for home/visitor: consolation games, bronze, gold

Time, Completion & Extra Innings
a) No new inning will start after two hours in all round robin games (round robin games can end in a tie)
b) No time limit for all games on Sunday (all games on Sunday must have a winner)
c) Mercy Rule: 10 runs after 5 innings or 4 1/2 innings if home team is leading
15 runs after 4 innings or 3 1/2 if home team is leading
There is no inning run limits and home team will not bat in the bottom half of the inning if game is completed due to mercy rule
d) In round robin games, if a tie is prevalent after 7 complete innings, only ONE extra inning will be played amongst the
two teams. The extra (8th) inning can ONLY be played if after 7 innings the time limit is below 2 hours. If the time is
past two hours, the extra (8th) inning is not played and the game is officially complete and declared a tie.
If time allows and an extra (8th) inning can be played, then the away team will start with runners at 1st and 2nd
with NONE out and the regularly scheduled batter at bat. If #6 is at bat, #5 runs at 1st and the #4 hitter runs at 2nd
(or make a legal substitution). Regardless, the HOME team will bat in the bottom half of the extra (8th) inning, if at any
point the HOME team takes the lead in the bottom half of the 8th inning the game is complete and home team has won.
Only play ONE extra inning if time limit has not exceeded 2 hours after 7 innings. Use international tiebreaker rules for the extra inning and the moment the home team takes the lead the game is over, do not complete the entire 8th if home team is winning
e) In consolation games, there is no time limit but if extra innings are needed the procedure explained in section (d)
above will apply. Consolation games will be played until there is a winner. Use the international tiebreaker procedure
starting in the 8th inning and if the tie persists after the 8th continue playing with the same rules until there is a winner.
f) In semi final, bronze and gold medal games all games are played until there is a winner, extra innings are
pure baseball (ie. international tiebreaking procedure does not apply in extra innings for SF, bronze and gold games)
g) See "Tiebreaker Rules" for explanation on how mercy and extra inning games affect tie-breaking scenarios

Tiebreaker Rules
a) There are no tiebreaker games
If there is a tie amongst 2 or more teams, tie-breaking numbers amongst the tied teams will determine placement of teams
b) A "defensive inning" is defined as having taken the field and a pitch thrown; an "offensive inning" is defined as
having been at bat for at least one pitch. Fractional innings will not be used.
c) Mercy Rule: In the event that a game was shortened by a mercy rule, the winning team will be credited with
7 defensive innings and the actual number of offensive innings played. The losing team will be credited with
7 offensive innings and the actual number of defensive innings played.
Langley (home team) defeats Burnaby (away team) by a score of 13-3 in 4 1/2 innings. Langley (home team) is credited with 13 runs for, 3 runs against in 7 defensive innings and 4 offensive innings. Burnaby (away team) is credited with 3 runs for, 13 runs against in 4 defensive innings and 7 offensive innings.
d) Extra Innings: In the event that a round-robin game goes to the 8th inning (only one extra inning can be played)
the following rules will be used to avoid unfairly penalizing teams that have to start the inning with runners on base.
The winning team after extra innings will be credited with only 1 more run FOR and 1 more defensive and offensive inning,
this run FOR/inning is added onto what the score was when it was tied after 7 innings. The losing team after extra innings
will be credited with only 1 more run AGAINST and 1 more defensive and offensive inning, this run AGAINST/inning is
added onto what the score was when it was tied after 7 innings.
Langley (home team) and Burnaby (away team) are tied 2-2 after 7 complete innings, because time limit is still below 2 hours, ONE
extra inning may be played. Burnaby will start the 8th inning with runners at 1st and 2nd and none out. After the top of the 8th,
Burnaby has scored 3 runs to go up 5-2. Langley scores 4 runs in the bottom half of the 8th to walk-off Burnaby by a score of 6-5.
For tie-breaking purposes, the score will be recorded as 3-2 Langley over Burnaby in 8 innings. For this game, Langley is credited with 3 runs for and 2 runs against in 8 innings. Burnaby is credited with 2 runs for and 3 runs against in 8 innings.

e) Priority: In the event of ties in seeding after Round Robin play, the following tiebreaker rules shall be applied in order.
1. The team with the best winning percentage in the game(s) between the original tied teams will place higher in the standings.
2. If the tie still persists, the team with the lower ratio of runs against per defensive inning for games between the original tied teams will place higher in the standings.
3. If the tie still persists, the team with the higher ratio of runs for per offensive inning for games between the original tied teams will place higher in the standings.
4. If the tie still persists, the team with the lower ratio of runs against per defensive inning in all round robin games played will place higher in the standings.
5. If the tie still persists, the team with the higher ratio of runs for per offensive inning in all round robin games played will place higher in the standings.

Pitching Rules
a) Any player on the team is eligible to pitch, and there are no restrictions to the a number of pitchers a manager may use.
b) A pitcher who is removed from the mound during a game shall not be permitted to return to pitch in the same game.
c) A player can only pitch on the third consecutive day (Sun) if their total pitch count on the two previous days (Fri & Sat)
when combined does not exceed 45 pitches ("no rest" limit)
c) Pitchers shall be permitted to have 2 appearances in the same calendar day. If a player pitches the day before and is
kept at less than or equal to 45 pitches AND he/she pitches less than or equal to 45 pitches the first game, he/she WILL
be allowed to pitch in the second game of the day.
Player throws 35 pitches total on Friday, player then throws 15 pitches in Saturday's first game. The player IS eligible to pitch in Satuday's second game. Player will only be allowed to throw a max of 80 pitches in the second game (95-15=80). The player will not be eligible to pitch Sunday regardless if the player pitches in Saturday's second game or not. (First two days combined already exceeded 45 pitches = 50 pitches total entering Saturday's second game)
d) There are no restrictions for a player pitching and catching in the same calendar day
e) Intentional walks will be included in pitch count totals
f) The total number of pitches thrown by an amidextrous pitcher are counted for the purpose of calculating pitch count,
regardless of which arm or combination there-of is throwing.
g) A player playing in a division other than their own age group shall pitch based on the pitch count of the lower aged
division. For example, a 13U player playing at 15U is subject to 13U pitching rules.
h) Pitchers will be permitted to finish the batter if his or her maximum pitch limit has been reached for that calendar day.
i) The home team will keep track of pitch counts and official scorebook.
j) Round Robin: Games 1 & 2 count for Friday, Games 3 & 4 count for Saturday in terms of pitch count
In the special case of the two teams that have their second game on Friday count as Saturday for pitch counts, they will adhere to the following rules in order to satisfy BC (Minor) Baseball pitch count rules. If player throws exactly 45 pitches in the first game on Friday, he will allowed to pitch in the team's second game on Friday. Even though the second game on Friday counts as Saturday for pitch count rules, this player will not be allowed to surpass the DAY total of 95. In other words, the second game of Friday if the coach decides to pitch that player again the player is only allowed to throw 50 pitches max in that game (95-45). Even though that game counts as Saturday pitch count, that player is not allowed to pitch 95 pitches that game (potentially totalling 140 pitches in one day). Furthermore, no player can throw more than 95 pitches (unless finishing a batter) in a calendar day!
k) Pitch Count Limits:
1-45 pitches = no rest
46-75 pitches = 2 nights rest
76-95 pitches = 3 nights rest

Game Procedures
a) Submit line-up card to scorers 30 minutes prior to game time, teams to also indicate LH/RH starter 45 minutes prior
b) No infield/outfield or on-field batting practice permitted in between games, teams must be ready to play at schedule's start time
c) Wood bats will be required for play and all wood bats must meet Baseball Canada Bantam Standards
d) Please use the courtesy runner option (if applicable) to speed up play, if need be have a catcher ready from the
bench to warm up the pitcher at the beginning of an inning; no coaches unless extenuating circumstances
e) Hustle on and off the field at all times
f) When possible, please announce substitutions in between innings
g) All decisions on field by umpires are final and no protests will be accepted for review
h) All discipline for ejections will be decided by the tournament committee, and no appeals will be accepted
i) Forfeitures will be declared as 7-0 victories
j) Coaches are required to be in uniform, including baseball pants
k) The use of tabacco products among players and coaches, including smokeless tabacco is prohibited in the
boundaries of the park. Penalty will be an automatic ejection from the tournament, there will be no appeal process.
l) BC (Minor) Baseball's Rule 13.11 is in effect and will be strictly enforced

Tournament Contacts
Luke Yam
Cell: 604 690 3168
Email: vanminor15ubaseball@gmail.com

Greg Miles
Cell: 604 209 4482
Email: gregorymiles@shaw.ca

Recent Results
Sat Aug 11/18 3:15pm: (2018)


Parksville Prep (Round Robin) 1
Fri Aug 10/18 6:15pm: (2018)
North Shore Prep (Round Robin) 10


Fri Aug 10/18 9:30am: (2018)
Victoria Eagles Prep (Round Robin) 4


Thu Aug 9/18 12:00pm: (2018)


Langley Blue Prep (Round Robin) 3
Mon Aug 6/18 1:15pm: (2018)
Delta Orange (Championship Final) 2


Sun Aug 5/18 9:00am: (2018)
North Langley (Semi Final) 2


Sat Aug 4/18 12:30pm: (2018)


Cloverdale (Round Robin) 3
Fri Aug 3/18 3:30pm: (2018)
Kamloops (Round Robin) 1


Upcoming Games
Fri Aug 24/18 TBA: (2018)

15U Summer Finale - Flemington, NJ

Team BC -
Sat Aug 25/18 TBA: (2018)

15U Summer Finale - Flemington, NJ

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Sun Aug 26/18 TBA: (2018)

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