Name Position Phone Email
Robb Moynagh Manager  612-481-0255 
Kirby Moynagh Assistant Manager  612-382-1785 
Tyler Aalid catcher   
Joe Aalid Infield     
T.J. Aalid Pitcher   
Travis Bickman Outfield   
Joe Borders Pitcher   
Tony Borrell Outfield   
Marcus Dalbec Outfield   
Neal Eidenschink Pitcher      
Bradley Farniok Outfield   
Tyler Halvorsen First base     
Jeff Holt First/Third Base   
Jared Klahsen First base   
Austin Koehler Pitcher   
Eddie Kolasa Pitcher     
Tim Kunze Catcher   
Ben Kunze Pitcher   
Jake Sohns Outfield   
Jordan Steffers Pitcher   
Cole Hansen Pitcher   
John Peterson Pitcher   
Austin Koelher DAD Dad   


Countdown to
Season Opener @ Champlin Logators

(Apr 9, 2017 @ 2:00pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!

Buffalo 2017 at Cokato
Litchfield home 2017
Pops - Keavy, same form everytime
Buffalo 2017 at Cokato
litch away 2017
Waverly Field 2016 2017
Buffalo 2017 at Cokato
Peterson - John, watching his work
Litchfield home 2017
Peterson - John, about to disappear into that cavern on the mound
Upcoming Games
Sun Oct 22/17 3:00pm: (fall baseball 2017)
@ Watertown
Stingers -
Recent Results
Tue Oct 17/17 7:00pm: (fall baseball 2017)
Stingers 6
Victoria Aces 8
Sun Oct 15/17 5:00pm: (fall baseball 2017)
JTs 6
Stingers 3
Sun Oct 15/17 1:30pm: (fall baseball 2017)
Stingers 6
St Paul Cannons 5

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