2019 Rockland Royals !!....  Order apparel....

   We will never forget # 7 and # 51 they will forever be with us on the field each season!!

18U Elite......16U Elite National.......16U Elite American....

Royals 18U roster is complete and posted ...new player profile will be posted soon...The Royals staff is looking at another tremendous summer with this extremely talented group...

Both the 16U National and 16U American teams are looking tremendous....we can't wait to get this group out on the field... 

New player pictures will be posted thoughout the winter.

INTERESTED IN PLAYING COLLEGE BASEBALL..... understand the process and move forward with the right plan......
Contact Mike Meldrim

Assistant Coach 18U & College Recruiting Coordinator

              Kieran Finnegan dealing!!                          Dylan Hoy-Mike Sepulveda-Kenny Dodson                         Paxton Meyers unloads!!

                                                                                     Aden Halperin looks to rip!                           Alex Morrissey swinging a big stick!!

Coop and Ro discuss strategy !!              Zach Hochheiser unloads!!      Dylan Hoy avoids contact!    Kenny Dodson can of corn!!



2019 Royals staff is preparing for 8 Tournaments and local games...30-40 games .....and we "Care".....it doesn't get any better than that!!....Royals Baseball!!


College Head coach (Mid west)  I am just giving by honest opinion, on this as I have been asked several times. I do not wish to put my view on you, only voicing my opinion, for whatever that is worth. I think that they are expensive and most of the kids that attend are not going to receive scholarship money. It is a pipe dream for the parents, (and a money maker for the directors), who continue to hand over there hard earned money for these showcases. If your kid is good they will find him. Don't worry there are very few diamonds in the rough out there. Please parents save your money, play summer travel ball, fall ball, send films to schools of interest, that will do a lot more then what you think.


I am not saying that you shouldn't attend a showcase, but why repeatedly. If you just want the experience ( that is why you are there) why waste the money on multiples. For everyone that comes away with a scholarship from these, there are very many that don't. I have seen too many kids go to these camps and come away with nothing. Then turn around and go again the next week.


I think that all kids can play at some level, and that's what they should spend there time on, finding a place to play. Not trying to impress some D1 scout that is looking for his 25 and 26 signing this year. Please don't take this the wrong way I am in it because I love the game and I do not like to see the kids get hurt. In addition, I do not believe that high schools coaches are losing credibility, As a college coach I talk to them all the time.


I do value their opinions.


Coach Johnson-





16U                                                      18U
APREDA TITANS                          GAME ON FURY
L I TITANS                                     SWAMP RATS BASEBALL
NY GOTHAMS                              UTAH AMERICAN FORK
CAGE WARRIORS                       NY GOTHAMS



18U                                                                   16U


18U                                                                              16U



The Rockland Royals 18U Summer Baseball program is offering oustanding on field instruction , as well as 
an opportunity to broaden your baseball knowledge and IQ.  This strategy has been used and proven over the 
past 20 years, with success both coaching, and playing.  Players will develop necessary skills and gain the  
knowledge and understanding of every baseball situation.  This will allow for the overall growth, and   
development,  allowing for more focus on the importance of the game.        
Performing with "IN GAME" situations gives a true understanding of how to attack, grow and advance  
your skills. Tournaments tend to have scouts and College coaches in attendance  at random times, as well as 
local colleges sending scouts to games on their own.            
The Royals will only hold a few basic practices before the Tournament schedule starts.    
We will then compete in 6-8 Tournaments (TBA) from June through early August, giving players the freedom
to enjoy their summer and take lessons while still learning valuable on the field skills.    
*****  Pending Local weekday games will be added to the Summer schedule…..      
Please view our web-site for up to date information and application for the 2019 Summer season, and our 20 year history.
                              TEAM FEE     ( Which Includes)        
* UNIFORMS (Home shirts, game pants, belt and hat)      
* INSURANCE                  
* BASEBALLS                  
*HELMETS/Umpire fees                  
* Does not include Transportation, Hotel fees and food for overnight stay at Tournaments.(TBA)  

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