Sep 30/20
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4th & 5th Grade BAYFL Rules

The mission of BAYFL is to teach fundamentals of football to every player and to make sure that a fun experience playing football.  Coaches should make sure that each player on their team gets equal playing time.

Games will be played on an 100 yard field

The score will be kept on the scoreboard

Rules & Regulations:  Will be Maine High School Rules.

Preseason Practice:  No practice may commence prior to August 1 of the current season.

There will be no double session practices.

Practices:  After Labor Day, practice is restricted to three (3) days.  The Sunday prior to the first full week of school shall begin the shorter practice schedule.  No team shall practice more than (3) nights per week for a maximum of two (2) hours per day including warm up and break time.

Coaches:  All teams are required to have ALL coaches certified NYSCA (National Youth Sports Coaches Association).


1.  Games will be four 8-minute quarters, with stop time.

2.  There will be no kicking game at this level.  The team that wins the coin toss will start at there own 40yd line.

3.  If a punt is declared, the ball will be moved 25yds.  You can not declare a punt if the ball is inside the other teams 40yd line.  If a punt is declared, the clock is stopped at the time the punt is declared.

3.  Two coaches will be allowed on the field and must be positioned behind the offensive and defensive line, in such a manner, not to interfere with the field of play.

4.  There will be NO overtime.  Games that end in regulation in a tie will remain a tie.

5.  Weight Rule:  No one weighing more than 115 pounds can run or receive the football.  Players will be weighed in equipment before the season begins by the Athletic Coordinator.  Helmets will be excluded from weigh in.

6.  Ejections - Coaches ejected from the game will be suspended for the next game.  Coaches ejected twice will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

7.  Line splits:  Offensive lineman must be lined up not more than fingertips to fingertips from tackle to tackle. 

Defensive Rules:

1.  Defensive Alignment:  Players are to be lined up head to head.  Linebackers inside the tackles are 5 yards back from the line of scrimmage.

2.  All linebackers can line up within two (2) yards of the line of scrimmage when the offensive team is on or within your five-yard line.


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