Jun 15/21
8:21 am

6th Annual Peter DeVries
Invitational Tournament






6th Annual Peter DeVries Tournament Rules

1.         All games will by played by the official rules of Baseball Canada, with the exception of allowing an optional courtesy runner (who is not in the line-up) for the catcher with two out.

2.         This is a wood bat tournament.

3.         All games are seven innings. If the score is tied, extra innings will be played to determine the   winner.

4.         A 10-run mercy rule is in effect after five innings, or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is leading.

5.         Home teams during round-robin games have been pre-determined on the schedule. The first-place  team in the two cross-over semifinals on Sunday will be the home team. A pre-game coin toss will determine the home team in the championship final and  in the two Sunday consolation games at Goldstick Park.

6.         The home team should occupy the third-place dugout, except in cases of inconvenience where a team playing back-to-back games would have to switch dugouts.

7.         A batting cage is available at John Fry Park. Teams can use the cage for 30 minutes, with the home team starting 1 1/2 hours before the scheduled game time, and the visiting team starting one hour before the game.

8.         Each team will be allowed a 10-minute infield. The home team will take infield first. Teams must be prepared to take infield practice as soon as the infield has been maintained in order for games to start on time.

9.         Each team will play the other three teams in its pool. At the conclusion of round-robin play, the first-place team in each pool will advance to the crossover semifinals against the second-place team from the other pool. In the event of any tie after round-robin play, the following tie-breaking methods will be employed:

        a) Head-to-head 
        b) If three or more teams are tied, the record in games involving the tied teams. 
        c) In the event a tie remains: 
                i) least runs scored by opponent (all three games) 
                ii) most runs scored by your team (all three games) 
                iii) Coin flip

10.               The tournament committee will make any changes or rulings that may become necessary during the tournament due to unforeseen situations or circumstances.

            Norm Cowley
Tournament Chairman 


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