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The Following is a list of Bats our team owns. This page is meant to give you insight into each bats strengths and weakness' and helping you make the right choice as to what bat fits your hitting style.

2007 Combat Anti Virus Review

2007 Combat Anti Virus


A very good ASA bat when stock and if you decide to shave it will make a nice outlaw league bat. They have a small but powerful sweet spot. Some of the mishits can vibrate and sting a little.

Sweetspot: 8.0
Distance: 8.8
Durability: 8.0

2011 Easton SRV4 Synergy Speed Review


Inside information told us that Easton didn't exactly like losing a ton of money in 2009 on their ASA reveal line of bats. They basically told the ASA they were either going to be allowed to make their bats according to the older hotter standard or they were pulling out of making any more ASA softball bats. This year's bats validate that information as they are definitely hotter than 98MPH when broken in.

This bat has the 13.5" barrel and is much along the lines of the Synergy Extended. Good pop and distance and easy to break in. It is very forgiving with the large barrel and sweetspot and has a very balanced feel. One of the coolest looking bats ever made. Some of these bats have been developing what we would describe as paint stress lines. The composite weave pattern will flex and cause the paint to be stressed in straight lines along the barrel of the bat either vertically or at an angle around the bat. We have seen this happen to some very quickly in stock form and others not at all. It appears that in most cases the lines do not affect the structural integrity of the bat though.The bats will still perform at a very high level for a long time afterwards from what we have seen so far.


Sweetspot: 10.0
Distance: 9.2
Durability: 8.5

2012 Miken Freak FX 700 Supermax SPFXMA

This bat feels alot like the Freak 98 with a bigger sweet spot. It has a soft feel to it and opens up quickly. Sweet spot is towards the end of the bat especially on the supermax version. If the durability holds up on these they should be one of the top ASA bats this year and in our opinion the best ASA Miken in several years.

Sweetspot: 9.2
Distance: 9.2
Durability: 9.0

DeMarini 2010 White Steel Softball Bat



  • Pop
  • Grip
  • Control


  • Durability


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