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Summer 2020 Covid-19 Plan


All workouts for this summer are on a volunteer basis. Although we want all players to attend, no player will be punished for not attending. I ask that you please communicate with us on attendance so we can plan.


June 1 Team Meeting (30 minutes per group)

4 PM- 2020 Seniors

430 PM- Juniors

5 PM- Sophomores

530 PM- Freshmen

6 PM- 8th graders

630 PM- 7th graders


Safety Measures

*A coach must be present to use baseball facility.

*All players will have their temperature checked prior to practice. Max fever to be able to practice is 99.9. If a fever is present, (above 99.9) they will not be allowed to practice and will have to leave the facility.  Players that have a fever will be restricted from practice for 72 hours and must have no fever for 24 hours before being allowed to return.

*Parents- Please do not send your son to practice or to the field house if they have a temperature higher than 99.9.

*Players will be asked to wash hands before and after each workout.

*No shared equipment unless cleaned between use- helmets, catchers gear, gloves, batting gloves, bats, etc.

*Players will not be allowed to share towels or water bottles. Please bring your own.

*The locker rooms will not be available for use this summer. All equipment should be taken home after each workout. No clothing, towels, etc. can be left at the facility overnight. This will help players social distance.

*Both dugouts will be used to store players bags during practice to help keep them apart. Players will also place bags down both fence lines to help social distance during practice.

*Parents are welcome to attend as long as social distancing practices are followed. Please sit with your family members and stay 6 feet apart from other families.






The Summer will be broken down into 2 phases.

Phase 1- Acclimatization Period (1st two weeks) (June 1-14) (Mandated by MHSAA)

Phase 2- Post Acclimatization Period (June 15-July 17)

*We will be off the last 2 weeks before school starts back. (July 20-31)


Phase 1 Acclimatization Period (Mandated by the MHSAA)

*1st 2 weeks (June 1-14)

*No shared equipment including baseballs without cleaning. Since there is no way to clean a baseball after it is thrown every time, we are not allowed to use baseballs for the first 2 weeks.

*We will do some light conditioning, classroom/whiteboard work, baserunning, drills, etc. that do not require baseballs.

*We will split into smaller groups to help social distance.

*During this acclimatization period, practice can’t exceed 2 hours.


Phase 2 Post-Acclimatization Period

*June 15-July 17

*Baseball practice will return to a form a normalcy with proper Covid-19 precautions.

*We will practice as normal (BP, INF/OF. Scrimmages, etc.) with no time restrictions.


Practice Times starting June 2

We will practice every Tuesday and Thursday from June 2 until July 16. Please let the coaching staff know if you will be out on a Tues or Thurs so we can plan.

JH (7-8) Tuesday and Thursday at 430PM

HS (9-11) Tuesday and Thursday at 630 PM



Use of Field House during summer

*Players will be allowed to use the field house or throw on their own on the field with a coach present starting June 15.


** A coach must be present to use the field house.

** I’m sure there will be a time where our players can use the fieldhouse freely like we have done in the past, but we are not allowed to do that this summer.




















Field House hours will be…

Monday- 4-8 PM (Boyd)

Wednesday 4-8 PM (Neal)

Friday 12-4 PM (Garrett)



Field House Safety Measures


*No more than 10 people will be allowed to be in the field house at a time including the coach. Only 9 people other than a coach can be in the field house at a time.

*All players will have their temperature checked before entering the facility.

*I am ok with parents working with their kids, but if a parent enters the field house, their temperature will have to be checked as well.  They also count towards max capacity.

*It would be better for players to come with a teammate so more kids will be able to work in the indoor facility at a time.

*Seniors that have graduated are welcome to use the facility during these times as well. Our former players are still and will always be part of the Trojan Baseball family.

*Please limit your time using the cages if there are several players waiting the use the facility.

*Outdoor cages will be available as well.

*The back door to the fieldhouse will be locked with a padlock from the inside.  The gate by scoreboard will be unlocked. Please walk in the doors by the coach’s office.

*Batting gloves must be worn at all times and bats disinfected when finished.

*If a bat is shared, it must be disinfected before someone else can use it.

*We will have disinfectant spray available for bats and the bathroom open to wash hands.

*Players will be allowed to throw and run on the field or use the bullpens during these hours.  Hitting on the field or taking ground balls and fly balls will not be allowed.


Schedule for the summer


Phase 1

*June 1-14 (Acclimatization Period mandated by the MHSAA)

*Tues/Thur practice- Junior High at 430 PM and High School at 630 PM

*2-hour time restriction

*No baseballs allowed

*Field house will not be open for use during this time since the use of baseballs is not allowed by the MHSAA for the 1st 2 weeks. (June 1-14)


Phase 2

*June 15-July 17 (Post-Acclimatization Period)

*Tues/Thurs practice- Junior High 430 PM and High School 630 PM

*Baseballs can be used.

*No time restriction.

*Field house will be open to use on your own every Mon,Wed,Fri at the times listed above.


July 20-31

No baseball activities. We will return to workouts when school starts back in August.












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