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Adult Soccer League






-Each player must wear shin guards, proper cleats (no metal or football cleats) and matching jerseys.

-Headgear is not allowed to be worn by any participant during games, except for one piece head/sweat bands that do not have to be tied or do not have any form of knot(s). Illegal headgear consists of any hats, baseball caps, and any other such similar headgear.



-As long as two representatives from a team are present, that team will have a ten (10) minute grace period at the start of a game. The game clock will begin at the scheduled game time and will last until 10 minutes past. At five (5) minutes, a goal will be awarded to the team ready to play. At nine (9) minutes past, a second goal will be awarded to the team that is ready to play. At 10 minutes past, the game is forfeited and a score of 2-0 will be recorded. If a team arrives within that ten-minute grace period, the game will start with the remaining game clock and any goals awarded will remain as the starting score. A team must have at least two players for the grace period to be allowed. If a team has three or less players at the scheduled game time, it is automatically a forfeit. The team that was ready to play at the original start of the game will have the opening kickoff.



-A team will consist of 8 players.

-A team may start the game with as few as 6 players.



-There are unlimited subs.

-Subs can be made during any stoppage of play.

The Game

-Choice of ends and the kick-off shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

-There will be two 30 minute halves.

-Officials can account for stoppage time.

-10 minute half time


Tie Breaker- Playoffs Only

-If at the end of a match the score is tied there will be one 10 minute sudden death overtime.

-If at the end of sudden death overtime the score is tied there will be a penalty style shoot out.

-5 shots will be taken on the goalie that was in the goal the last 5 minutes of the game

-Players may be chosen before the shootout begins, all other players must move beyond midfield.

-The 5 shots will be taken from 12 yards out.



-A goal is scored when the ENTIRE ball has crossed the goal line between the goal posts and under the cross bar; provided it has not been thrown, directly propelled by hand, arm, or carried by a player of the attacking team. A female goal will count as TWO (2) goals.        

-A goal may be scored from a:

                                    -kick off

                                    -goal kick

                                    -direct free kick

                                    -penalty kick

                                    -corner kick


Goalie Play

-Goalies may use their hands anywhere inside their goal box.

-Goalies have 5 seconds until they are required to release a controlled held ball.

-Goalies may throw the ball past mid field.

-Once a goalie has controlled and then released the ball he/she may not touch the ball again using their hands until another player has touched the ball.

-Goalies may play the ball from being on the ground within their goal box. The ball or any part of the goalie’s body must be touching the goalie box.

-To change goalies, the relief goalie must enter the field and previous goalie must exit the field immediately. Once off the field this person may sub in for teammates, but they must leave the field first.

-Prior to the last five (5) minutes of the game, if a team wants to exchange goalies they must do so because after the five (5) minute mark the goalie will not be allowed to change positions. Therefore, the goalie that is in the last five (5) minutes of the game will be the goalie that defends against penalty shots.



-Slide tackling: There will be no slide tackling in 8v8 play.

-Handball: a ball touched with a hand or arm by any player other than the goalie.

-Any roughness: tripping, pushing, holding

-Illegal substitution (substitute entering the field before the player he/she is replacing is off).



-There will be NO OFFSIDES in 8-on-8 soccer



-Goalies must keep their heels on the goal line. Once the kicker has begun his/her attempt the goalie may move laterally, but not until then.

-Once a kicker has kicked a penalty shot then a goalie may move forward/backward, but not until the ball has been kicked.

-The kicker has only one attempt to score. The attempt must be in one motion. If the kicker stops the penalty shot it is considered a missed shot.

-The goalie may not move from the end line until a ball is kicked.

-Goalies may not be exchanged during penalty shots


Direct Free Kick

-A direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits 1 of these 6 offences:

-Kick or attempts to kick an opponent

-Trips or attempts to trip an opponent

-Jumps at an opponent

-Charges an opponent

-Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent

-Pushes an opponent

-A direct kick is also awarded if a player commits any of the following four offences:

-Tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball

-Holds the opponent

-Spits at an opponent

-Handles the ball deliberately

A direct free kick is taken from where the offence occurred


Penalty Kicks

-A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play.


Indirect Free Kick

-An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper, inside his own penalty area, commits any of the following four offences:

-Takes more than 5 seconds while controlling the ball with his hands before releasing it.

-Touches the ball again with his hands after it has been released from his possession and has not touched any other player. (Exception if a goalie is bouncing the ball)

-Touched the ball with his hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him by a team-mate.

-Touches the ball with his hands after he has received if directly from a throw-in taken by a team-mate.


An indirect free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player in the opinion of the referee…

-Plays in a dangerous manner

-Impedes the progress of an opponent

-Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands

-Commits any other offence, not previously mentioned

-The referee signals when the shot is taken and can only be a goal if the ball touches another player before it enters the goal.

(The indirect free kick is taken from where the offence occurred)




-When an official refrains from whistling a violation or foul, he/she will clearly indicate by voice and gesture that it is an advantage so the players know that the penalty has not gone unnoticed. An advantage will be called if, in the judgment of the official, the attacking player has a legitimate shot to make a play.



-A goal can not be scored from a throw in.

-Ball must pass over the player head

-Both feet must remain on the ground


Corner Kick

-A goal may be scored off a corner kick

-A corner kick is awarded when the whole ball, having last touched a player of the defending team, passes over the goal line either on the ground or in the air, and a goal is not scored.

-The ball is placed inside the corner arc at the nearest corner flag

-The ball is kicked by the player of the attacking team


Player and coach conduct

-Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans

-Only the captain is allowed to address an official during play

-Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct including unnecessary roughness, arguing with officials, fighting, abusive language directed towards officials/opponents will result in player(s) involved being ejected from the game.

-Any player ejected from the game will automatically be suspended for one contest.

-Any player being ejected twice in a single season must meet with the league director before he/she may return to play. Team captains from other teams will be consulted on their opinion if that player should be allowed to return.



-A player shall be issued a yellow card (cautioned) if she or he:

                        -demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior,

                        -dissents by word or action,

                        -persistently infringes the law of the game,

                        -illegally enters the game,

                        -illegally exits the game,

                        -delays the restart of the game (throw in, corner kick, free kick),

                        -does not assume the 10 yards on a corner kick or free kick,

                        -any other violation or foul the officials deem as a yellow card violation.


       -A player shall be issued a red card (ejected from game) if she or he:

                        -demonstrates violent conduct,

                        -demonstrates serious foul play,

                        -uses foul and abusive language,

                        -spits at another player, referee, or spectator,

                        -receives a second yellow card in the same game,

                        -intentionally physically impedes a player with an obvious opportunity to score a goal,

                        -denies his opponent a goal by intentionally handling the ball,

                        -any other violation or foul the officials deem as a red card violation.

        -Players receiving a red card will be suspended from their next scheduled game.


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