Sep 24/21
11:15 am

VB Lady Hurricanes 98



Virginia Beach


Message from Coach Kenny 2-14-10

First and foremost I am thankful for all your support, and sacrifices you made for this weekend on such short notice. I know many of along with my self were juggling many prior commitments to other events.  Also I thank you for your patience in dealing with the many last minute adjustments that were thrown at us. 

From my point of view it was a very successful weekend for the girls they played very well and enjoyed each other very much. I think this will strong bond they are developing will carry a long way to our continued success. 2-1 against these teams was quite an accomplishment. Even the game with the Red-Tide 11U Team on a back to back was not bad.  Questionable ages on some of those girls and I will leave it at that. We will see these teams again. 

My thanks also goes out to our lovely girls who very well behaved and very nice to the people who utilized the concession stands. We received lots of praises from the coaches and parents of the other team about our girls great persona.  

We also received a lot of praise and recognition on their play on the court as well.  There are teams out there scouting us now.

Thanks to all for the excellent support and effort given to all who assisted with running the concession stands. Although we did not get to sell hotdogs as planned we made  $393 at the concession and paid the $100 to the 13U to offset the cost of some items they purchased.  So we made a profit of $293 I added $7 more to make it $300. We still have several cases of water, soda, chips and candy that we can use for snacks for our girls or for future fundraisers.   

My personal thank to Coach Dave, Coach Micah, Michele Cleland, Kirk and Debbie Curry.

If you have any questions or concerns about the tournament please come forth.  In April, MAY or June we may host our own tournament. Please give me feedback and input so we can begin to plan to avoid or address any issues with how this tournament was planned and conducted. 

Kenny Jennings 

Head Coach

11U Lady Hurricanes


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