Sep 22/20
2:03 pm




4652A Northland Pl Courtenay


General Baseball Knowledge Quiz

1. Name the 3 Major League Teams that George “Babe” Ruth played for during his Major League Career?____________________________________________________

2. Name the town where the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame is located?__________

3. What ex Canadian Major Leaguer has the most Home Runs for a Canadian in the Major Leagues_______________________________________________________

4. What is the term used when a batter hits a homerun with the bags juiced?

5. What is the name of the Professional Minor Baseball Team in Vancouver?

6. What is the e-mail address for Comox Valley Baseball________________________________________________________________

7. You are a base runner and in the process of stealing 3rd Base, you get hit by a thrown ball from the catcher. Are you safe or out?

8. You are at bat and you swing at the pitch but the ball hits your hands. Do you get 1st Base for the ball hitting you? ________________________________________________________________________

9. There is a base runner at 1st and 2nd. The Count is 2-2 and the batter swings and misses, but the ball is in the dirt. As the catcher picks up the ball, the batter runs to 1st Base, what should the Catcher do? ________________________________________________________________________

10. What Major League team does Trail BC’s Jason Bay play for?

Bonus Question

Who are the two Canadian Major League Pitchers who have won the Cy Young Award?


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