Sep 23/20
5:41 pm






Hitter of the Game (H.O.G.)

Defensive Player of the Game (D.O.G.)

Pitcher of the Game (P.O.G.)


Individual is selected by the Baseball Academy Staff at Extra- work sessions only


December 4th - Matt Shurvell (P.O.G.)

December 3rd - Sean Robbins (D.O.G.)

December 3rd - Chris Ewanik - (H.O.G.)

December 2nd - Dakota Wheatley (D.O.G.)

December 2nd - Matt Berner (H.O.G.)

November 29th - Josh Fisher (D.O.G.)

November 29th - Levi Muth (H.O.G.)

November 28th - Hunter McDonald (D.O.G.)

November 28th - Matt Senkoe (H.O.G.)

November 28th - Chris Blowers (D.O.G.)

November 28th - Mitchell Brodie (H.O.G.)

November 27th - Zaine Thomas (P.O.G.)

November 26th - Matt Bondarchuk (D.O.G.)

November 26th - Chris Ewanik (H.O.G.)

November 25th - Bo Meiklejohn (D.O.G.)

November 25th - Bo Meiklejohn (H.O.G.)

November 21st - Brett Semeniuk (D.O.G.)

November 21st - Chris Ewanik (H.O.G.)

November 20th - Ashton Martin (D.O.G.)

November 20th - Kyle Prather (P.O.G.)

November 19th - Brandon Hill (D.O.G.)

November 19th - Brandon Hill (H.O.G.)

November 18th - Sean Robbins (H.O.G.)

November 18th - Lucas Galloway (D.O.G.)

November 15th - Levi Muth (D.O.G.)

November 15th - Levi Muth (H.O.G.)

November 14th - Brad Goodwin (H.O.G.)

November 14th - Ben Erwin (D.O.G.)

November 13th - Isaiah Martin (D.O.G.)

November 13th - Ashton Martin (P.O.G.)

November 12th - Bo Meiklejohn (D.O.G.)

November 12th - Luke Roberts (H.O.G.)

November 7th - Sean Robbins (D.O.G.)

November 7th - Sean Robbins (H.O.G.)

November 7th - William Hanna (D.O.G.)

November 7th - David Richards (H.O.G.)

November 6th - Bo Meiklejohn (P.O.G.)

November 5th - Zach Yuzda (D.O.G.)

November 5th - Jesse Ponewozik (H.O.G.)

November 4th - Chris Blowers (D.O.G.)

November 4th - Matt Berner (H.O.G.)

November 1st - Josh Fisher (D.O.G.)

November 1st - Josh Fisher (H.O.G.)

October 31st - Mitchell Brodie (D.O.G.)

October 31st - Chris Ewanik (H.O.G.)

October 30th - Chase Harris (P.O.G.)

October 29th - Bo Meiklejohn (P.O.G.)

October 28th - Sean Robbins (D.O.G.)

October 28th - Bo Meiklejohn (H.O.G.)

October 26th - Evan Lacoursiere (D.O.G.)

October 26th - Evan Lacoursiere (H.O.G.)

October 23rd - Evan Lacoursiere (H.O.G.)

October 23rd - Erik Sabrowski (D.O.G.)


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