Mar 4/21
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Until you get here, the regular season means nothing. The playoff show who you really are. Some teams only get a taste, but others make their mark in the postseason year after year. Although there are many different systems, my favorite is the NCAA basketball tournament. It gives small schools (i.e. George Mason) to play agaist the national favorites.

World Series - The World Series is one of the oldest postseason events, dating back to 1903. The winner of Major League Baseball season is crowned here, in a seven-game format that has produced classic results. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series', almost three times the amount of the next-winningest team. The latest winner of the series was the St. Louis Cardinals.

Super Bowl - The Super Bowl marks the conclusion of the NFL season, and is usually played in January or February. The Super Bowl is probably the most famous postseason event, a single game that has been transformed into a near-holiday, with nearly a party per street. Beginning in 1966, the Super Bowl has been an event like no other; the last champion was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

NBA Finals - Although the games usually are good, the Finals is not the most-watched playoff event. Many believe that the NBA Finals are just a mediocre way to finally end an already long playoff, but others watch it for the love of the game, and the love of champions. The Finals got their start in 1947, and since then the Celtics and Lakers have dominated, winning 30 total championships. The last NBA Finals winner was the Miami Heat.

Stanley Cup Finals - The Stanley Cup is one of the most recognized trophies in all of sports, and is given to the winner of the NHL season. It has become a tradition to engrave the names of the players of the winning team on the Cup, and the Cup is one of the more-traveled trophies in sports. Originally, there was a "challenge cup" to see who would earn the trophy, but beginning in 1927, the games were played by NHL teams. The Ottawa Senators won the first, but the Canadiens from Montreal have won the most in history.



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