Sep 24/20
8:41 pm

NRV 13's Club Team




Member of the NRV Juniors Volleyball Roanoke,VA


Here are some examples of past team's rule and expectations .. We will work on these at the start of the season.

Team Rules:

1.      We are a team. All of us.. We practice and play as a team. If one of us struggles we all struggle.

2.      That said, we accept victory and defeat as a team.

3.      We will practice like it is a game.. Giving 100% at all times.

4.      We will not be rude to fellow teammates or coaches, parents, officials. Heck we will not be rude to anyone.

5.      Hustle is expected from warm-ups until the end of practice. (We walk nowhere, we run!)

6.      We will as a team, decide on water breaks and other team decisions.

7.      We will, as a team, decide on our rewards vs. the risk.

8.      When we call for ball shag, we run and gather around the cart, as a team.

9.      The team will select the team captain. I will have input as part of the team.




·       Your academic success to come before Volleyball

·       Everyone comes to practice with the intent to do her best.

·       Everyone at all times will comply with proper attire policy.

·       No cussing (Including replacement words)

·       If you have a problem with something, talk to ME.

·       Warm-ups and Cool Downs will be part of each practice

·       Tell me if you are hurt or are hurting.

·       Compromise and Inclusion will be part of our team interactions.

·       Your School “Pride” is to be less important during Club.

·       Coaches have the final say in team member disputes.


What I will do ..

·       Provide a safe as possible physical environment

·       Communicate in a positive way.

·       Teach the tactics and skills of volleyball.

·       Teach the rules of volleyball.

·       Direct players in competition

·       Help you become fit to play volleyball

·       Help develop character


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