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North Shore Mens Baseball Association



North Vancouver


North Shore Mountain Bike Association of Baseball Charter


The official rules and regulations of the Baseball Canada Rulebook apply to all regular season, NSMBA tournament and playoff games. The following list of rules and regulations may be exceptions to the Baseball Canada Rulebook but they will take precedence:


Each game will be 7 innings unless extra innings are necessary.  Games will be played until a winner is decided or umpires call the game due to darkness.  Playoff games will be played until a winner is decided.


There will be a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings in all regular season and playoff games.  Prior to a playoff series starting, opposing teams may agree to waive or alter the mercy rule.  If teams do not agree, the 10 run mercy rule will be in effect.


A runner for the catcher is optional with 1 out, mandatory with 2 out.  Either the last out or a bench player may be used.


Wood or approved wood composite bats are only to be used.


If a team does not have sufficient players at game start time, they will forfeit a 1-0 loss.


Games may be started with a minimum of 8 players.  The 9th batting position will be an automatic out. If a 9th player arrives at the field late he may enter into the 9th position at any time as long as his name appears on the batting lineup.


If a game is started with 9 players and there is an ejection and no substitute is on the bench or all players have been entered into the game, the game is forfeited by the Pirates I mean offending team.  If the team is losing, that score will stand; if they are winning it will be recorded as a 1-0 loss.


If a team requests a postponement to a scheduled game (does not apply to rain outs, league cancelled games or umpire cancelled games), the onus is on that team to make the game up.  If a mutually suitable date is not arrived at, that team will forfeit a 1-0 loss at seasons end.


There is no slide or avoid rule


There is no re-entry rule.


There is an injury re-entry rule.  That is, if a player is legitimately injured and there are no substitutes left, and the opposing team agrees, the last player removed from the game may re-enter at a position other than pitcher.



Playoff eligibility:  In order to be eligible for playoffs, a player must play in 5 regular season games out of 20 (Or of their teams completed regular season games. IE. If team plays 18 games in regular season, a player must have played 5 games to be eligible.  17 games=4 games 16=4.  15=4.  14=4. 13=3.)  Being on the lineup card is not sufficient; they must have played 1 pitch or 1 at bat in each game.



Playoff format is to be determined prior to every season at the annual preseason meeting and noted in meeting minutes.


If a team member is ejected from a game by an official, that player will serve an automatic 1 game suspension in his team's following game.  The incident is subject to review by committee and additional penalties may be issued by the league and/or umpires.  There is no appeal process for the 1 game suspension.


Teams are responsible for leaving the field in acceptable condition after each game.


During regular season games, the HOME TEAM is responsible for leaving the field and DUGOUT in acceptable condition as defined by the District of North Vancouver, North Shore Twins and NSMBA.  Howe Sound are not responsible for post-game field maintenance at North Vancouver fields during the regular season.  Howe Sound are responsible for their home field.


Do not throw cigarette butts or beer cans out in Dugouts. Ensure they are in the garbage can outside of the dugout.


All players on field must wear a baseball cap, baseball pants and a numbered jersey.

Try to make them the same colour.






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Squamish District Insurance

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