Apr 9/20
2:31 pm

North Shore Mens Baseball Association



North Vancouver


2019 Provincial Qualifer Tourney:

Group A: Bulls, Jays, Pirates

Group B: Canadians, Cannons, Growlers, Whistler


Each team will play 2 Round Robin games against teams from the opposite pool. ( with exception of 1 game in pool b due to an odd number of teams ) 

Pool Winners will advance to semi finals automatically. Semi Finals will be 1st in A vs 2nd in A, 1st in B vs 2nd in B. So you will be playing a team in your own pool in the semi final so you dont end up playing the same team as round robin.

If you come in 3rd and you have beat the team in a head to head matchup that is 2nd in the opposite pool then you will cross over and take over that spot. i.e. 3B and 2A are both 1-1. They played eachother in the RR and 3B won. 3B is now 2A in semi final. This will only occur if it is 2 teams tied at 1-1 record. 

If 3 way or more tie at 1-1 record or 2 teams that have not played eachother the following applies.

1. Head to head 

2. Fewest Runs Against 

3. Best Run differential 

4. Most Runs Scored per innings played 

5. 5 inning play in game. Sunday morning at 8:30am between 2 teams that are still tied after 1-4 apply.


Round Robin games will have a 2hr time limit. No new inning will start after 2 hours of play.

Home team is listed first in round robin. Higher seed is home in semis. Coin flip in final

No Time Limit on Championship Sunday


No Automatic Suspension for Ejection in this tournament. All ejections will be reported and ruled upon right after the game. 

We are playing No Re-Entry. aka Real Baseball

All other NSMBA Rules Apply

Tournament Directors decisions are final. 

Tourney winner qualifies for provincials. If tourney winner is also league winner then 2nd place team in tourney will also qualify. 




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