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For the Spring and Summer season I will be providing the website with a coaches blog for each weekend or set of games. Highlights and coaches opinions will be expressed.

June 12th – 13st: Havre

Game 1: (5 - 3 Win) vs. Tri-County Cardinals

Pitching: Armitage 6 Innings (W) – Schmidt 1 Innings

Summery: Gordon Armitage threw 6 great innings of work. Accumulating a pile of strike outs Armitage balanced location with velocity. Armitages greatest outing of the summer, having just awesome stuff Saturday afternoon. Tyson Zarowny started off a great weekends with a couple hits and stolen bases. Defense was solid with Jordan Schmidt shutting the door for the win.

Game 2: (17-8 Loss) vs. Havre Northstars

Pitching: Bangen 4 Innings – Schmidt 1 Innings (L) – Kennett 1 Inning

Summery: The Reds started the game off hit swinging, leading 4-0 after two innings. Dillion Vail-Paris along with Eric Webb provided the offense. The second half of the game was a different story as pitches were left high resulting in runs against. The deficit was too much as the Reds played flat the rest of the game.

Game 3: (6-3 Win) vs. Gallatin Valley Outlaws

Pitching: Casebeer 6 2/3 Innings (W) – Schmidt 1/3 Inning (S)

Summery: A great rebound game after a disappointing night game. Dillion Casebeer picked up a big win pounding the bottom half of the strike zone. Tyson Zarowny again had 2 hits and 2 SB. A well rounded offensive attack lead the Reds to the victory.

Game 4: ( 14 – 4 Loss) vs. PBF

Pitching: Whitnack 4 Innings (L) – Kennett 3 Inning

Summery: The Reds came out flat resulting in their second loss on the weekend. Balls were left high in the strike zone allowing the Redbirds runs with the metal bat

Overall: 4 games within a very short time period felt costly with minimal players. 11 players was just not enough for the Reds to play to their potential. Hats off to Dillon Vail-Paris who battled the weekend, catching all games.

May 28th – 31st: Great Falls: Tom Tallif Tournament

Game 1: (14 – 1 Loss) vs. Great Falls Electrics

Pitching: Kennett 3 Innings (L) – Bangen 2 Innings

Summary: The Reds came out flat – offensively and defensively.  Key defensive breakdowns with runners on base allowed the Electrics to score unearned runs.  Cody Bangen was a positive during the game, throwing two great Innings in relief.  Jarrett Frelich started off a great weekend with a double to the right-center fence.

Game 2: (11 -1 Win) vs. Great Falls Stallions

Pitching: Myck 4 Innings (W) – Voykin 1 Innings

Summary: Chris Myck had his first start on the season.  He pitched decent, with some control problems.  Myck showed that he can throw quality innings.  John Voykin made his first pitching appearance on the season throwing a solid single inning.  The Reds put enough pressure on the young Stallions, resulting in a mercy.

Game 3: (19 – 7 Win) vs. SEEBA

Pitching: Whitnack 5 Innings (W)

Summary:  A win in game 3 would guarantee the Reds a birth in the final.  Red’s ace Eric Whitnack picked up his 6th win on the season, showing that he is the big game pitcher.  John Forno hit his first homerun for the Reds, picking up four RBI on the Grandslam! Armitage, Frelich, Vail-Paris, Koshman and Webb all had multi-hit games for the Reds in the convincing mercy win over rival Baseball Alberta -Seeba.

Game 4: (11 – 1 Win) vs. Great Falls Stallions

Pitching: Casebeer 5 Innings (W) – Forno 1 Inning

Summary:  Great pitching by Dillion Casebeer allowed the Reds to relax and play confident baseball.  Every player in the line-up chipped in with a hit.  John Forno pitched a clean 6th inning to preserve the mercy.

Game 5 FINAL: (11 – 6 Loss) vs. Great Falls Electrics

Pitching: Armitage 4 Innings (L) – Bangen 2 Innings

Summary: A rematch of game 1 of the tournament.  The Reds jumped to a 5-0 lead after the first two innings.  A couple poor pitch locations allowed the Electrics to gain the lead.  Jarrett Frelich and Chris Mycik had great games offensively picking up 2 hits each. The Reds had the lead but were unable to gain momentum after the Electrics offensive outbreak.

Overall: Whitnack, Casebeer and Bangen all pitched great. Showing that they are indeed the go to pitchers.  Jarrett Frelich had a huge weekend going 11 for 17. Over the past 2 weekends Frelich has raised his batting average by 150 + pts.  The Reds will have to tighten up the defense as the competition will be raised.

Ron Mathews Tournament – Lethbridge, AB – May 21st -24th

Game 1: (5 – 1 Loss) vs. PBF

Pitching: Forno 7 Innings (L)

Summary:  John Forno threw a decent ball game but had no run support.  An inability to score runs was the problem in the Reds opening loss.  Defense was good and bad at times.  It is very difficult to win ball games with one run.  PBF played a good game, with their pitching shutting down the Reds offense.

Game 2: (7 – 5 Loss) vs. Medicine Hat

Pitching: Kennett 5 Innings (L) – Bangen 2 Innings

Summary:  Matt Kennett was good and bad throughout the game taking the loss.  With more run support Kennett would have ended up picking up his 1st win.  Cody Bangen came in relief overall pitching a solid two innings.  Costly errors proved to be the turning point as the Reds came back scoring runs in the later innings.  Once again an inability to score runs and costly errors cost the Reds.

Game 3: (6 – 5 Win) vs. Lethbridge Miners

Pitching: Whitnack 6 Innings (W) – Schmidt 1 Inning (Save)

Summary:  Eric Whitnack worked a solid six innings picking up his team leading 5th Win of the season.  Overall defense was solid highlighted by a diving play by Chris Myck at 2nd base ending an Inning (Check out Lethbridge Global Sport May 25th as it was highlighted as “Play of the weekend”).  John Forno also ended an inning with a diving catch in LF (Also on the same segment as Myck – Global Lethbridge Sports).  Timely doubles from Dillion Vail-Paris and Joey Koshman in the top of the seventh gave the Reds a two run lead going into the bottom of the seventh.  Team leader in saves Jordan Schmidt came in relief to work the seventh allowing one run.  An exciting seventh highlighted by Chris Myck “accidentally” throwing a laser to the back of the head of a runner on second allowed the runner to advance to third.  With two out and the tying run at third, Schmidt uncorked a wind pitch that bounced directly to the catcher allowing Schmidt to cover homeplate getting the out and preserve the win!

Game 4: (12 – 1 Win) vs. Calgary Selects

Pitching: Armitage 3 Innings (Win) – Casebeer 2 Innings - Mercy

Summary:  Gordon Armitage pounded the strike zone picking up his 3rd win on the season.  Dillion Casebeer preserved his “ 0” ERA throwing a solid two Innings.  Hitters did what was needed and supplied a lot of pressure resulting in the mercy of the Selects.

Overall:  The first two games were typical of the Reds play from last weekend – NO run support and costly errors.  The Reds responded with the biggest win of the season to date against the host Lethbridge miners – a sweet victory and redemption from the previous weekend.  Cody Bangen had a great weekend picking up a huge 2-out RBI in the Reds/Miners game, although his In and Outs are still a zoo (Just kidding..)  Jordan Schmidt also had a huge 2-out double clearing the bases in the Reds/Selects game.
For the first time in Strathmore Reds Midget AAA history the players were playing relaxed, confident and had fun during the last two games of the tournament.  A very good combination of traits for a baseball team, which usually results in Wins!

Lethbridge Bulls Tournament-Lethbridge,AB-May 14th-15th

Game 1: (17 – 7 Win) vs. Medicine Hat High

Pitching: Bangen 5 Innings (W)

Summary: Cody Bangen pitched good enough to conserve the mercy.  Eric Webb and Joey Koshman each had huge games picking up two doubles each.

Game 2: (6 – 1 Loss) vs. Sir Winston Churchill

Pitching: Whitnack 7 Innings (L)

Summary: Eric Whitnack threw another great game going seven innings, throwing only 80 pitches.  Towards the end of the game Whitnack left a couple pitches high in the zone resulting in runs against the Reds.

Game 3: (11 – 6 Loss) – Magrath Zeniths

Pitching: Kennett 3 Innings (L) – Schmidt 3 Innings – Myck 1 Inning

Summary: After the first innings – the Reds broke down…

Overall: Huge adjustment must be made offensively and pitching towards the metal bat play.


May 2nd: Strathmore Reds vs. PBF (16U – 18U)

Game 1: (7 – 6 Win)

Pitching:  Bangen 6 Innings – Casebeer 3 Innings (W)

Summary: Poor game played offensively by the Reds through 8 innings.  Inability to hit the off-speed and capitalize with runners on.  Cody Bangen pitched good enough to keep his team in the game.  Dillon Casebeer pitched great to finish off the game, allowing no runs while picking up his 1st win.  Down by 4 in the bottom of the 9th, the Reds exploded offensively capped by RBI doubles from Joey Koshman and John Forno.  Gordon Armitage put the ball in play that got the winning run in.

Game 2: (6 – 5 Loss)

Pitching:  Kennett 6 Innings (L) – Schmidt 3 Innings

Summary:  Matt Kennett pitched a great game, going 6 strong innings. Jordan Schmidt pitched a very solid 3 innings allowing no runs.  The Reds finished the game strong with a late comeback in the 9th, but came up short.  The ninth was highlighted by a controversial ground rule double from Dillon Vail-Paris.

Overall: Two innings, both allowing 4 runs in each game with two outs was the difference.  Will need to rest some sore bodies and arms and get everyone close to 100 % by tournament play.

April 24th-25th, 2010: Strathmore Reds vs. PBF 18U

Game  1: (5 – 4 Loss)

Pitching:   Armitage 1 inning (Loss)  –  Bangen 6 Innings

Summary:  Gordon Armitage threw one inning and was taken out of the game due to a sore leg.  Cody Bangen threw the final 6 innings only allowing 1 earned run.  Leadoff man Tyson Zarowny went 2-3 with 2 SB’s and a run.  Joey Koshman went 2-3 with a couple runs.  John Forno went 2-2 with an RBI.  Gordon Armitage and Dillon Vail-Paris picked up a double each including RBI’s.  Chris Mycyk, Dillon Casebeer, Eric Webb all picked up a hit a piece.  Costly errors was the difference as 3 of the 5 runs were unearned.

Game 2: (8 – 7 Win)

Pitching:  Eric Whitnack 4 Innings (Win) – Matt Kennett 2 Innings – Jordan Schmidt 1 Inning (Save)

Summary:  Eric Whitnack picked up his 4th win throwing yet another great game.  Matt Kennett was solid in relief and Jordan Schmidt picked up his second save of the season.  Dillion Vail-Paris and Chris Mycyk lead the team offensively.  Vail-Paris was 2-4 with 2 doubles, 2 RBI and 2 runs.  Chris Mycyk was 2-2 with a homerun, 2 RBI, a walk and 2 runs. Joey Koshman, Jarrett Frelich and John Forno all picked up a double.  The wheels fell off towards the end of the game with errors leading to a save opportunity.

Game 3: (7 -3 Loss)

Pitching:  John Forno 6 1/3 Innings (Loss) – Casebeer 2/3 Inning

Summary:  John Forno pitched a decent game, but did not get much run support.  Dillon Casebeer pitched solid and kept his ERA on the season at “0”.  Gordon Armitage, Matt Kennett, Jarrett Frelich and Chris Mycyk all picked up doubles throughout the game.  Errors proved costly once again resulting in the 5th loss of the season.

Overall:  Pitching was great once again, however defense did not help out the arms on the mound.  Huge difference hitting wise as for the second straight weekend the Reds faced great pitching.  Throughout the 3 game series the Reds had 11 doubles!  Dillon Vail-Paris collecting 4 out of the 11 doubles on the weekend.  Frelich picked up his game a lot offensively.  Jordan Schmidt picked up a huge save preserving the game 2 win.  The Reds will have to work on their weaknesses (defense), making them stronger and a team to beat come tournament play. 


April 17th, 2010:  Strathmore Reds VS. PBF 18U (Redbirds)

Game 1: (7 – 4 Win)

Pitching: Armitage 4 Innings – Schmidt 3 Innings (Win)

Summary:  Gordon Armitage started on the mound throwing 4 innings picking up 4 K’s.  Jordan Schmidt came in relief throwing the last 3 innings picking up 3 K’s and the win.  Solid defense was played behind the two pitchers, which resulted in the win.  Joey Koshman, Dillon Casebeer, Eric Webb and Jordan Schmidt all picked up solid hits throughout the game.  Overall a solid game was played by the Reds.

Game 2: (4 – 5 Loss)

Pitching: Kennett 3 Innings – Bangen 4 Innings (Loss)

Summary: Matt Kennett threw a solid 3 innings keeping the Redbirds off balance.  Cody Bangen came in relief and pitched well pounding the strike zone.  A few errors proved costly resulting in the loss.  Jarrett Frelich played a solid RF for the second consecutive game, throwing out a base runner that ended a Redbirds threat.

Overall:  Due to bad weather the Reds were unable to have a practice going into the two game series.  Considering going into the weekend without being on a diamond for a week, the Reds played a solid two games.  
Special thanks to Les McTavish (Vauxhall Academy of Baseball) and Todd Hubka (Prairie Baseball Academy), who were intendance throughout the two game series.
Thanks as well to Daren Kennett (Reds manager) and parents who prepared the diamond throughout the week, making it playable.

The Reds will host a spring training camp Saturday (April 24th) for the young players of Strathmore and surrounding area.  The kids involved in the camp will be treated to a game @ 4pm after the camp.  The Reds will play the PBF Red Birds.


April 10th, 2010: Strathmore Reds VS. Medicine Hat High

Game 1: (16 – 1 Win)

Pitching: Armitage 3 Innings (Win) – Schmidt 3 Innings

Summary: On a cold windy day in Medicine Hat the Reds exploded for 16 runs in the opening game of the doubleheader.  Gordon Armitage Started on the mound going 3 strong innings collecting 6 K’s.  The defense was solid behind him, with Tyson Zarowny patrolling the outfield on the windy day.  Jarrett Frelich played a very solid game at third base.  Frelich also had a double in the left-center gap.  Eric Webb and Dillion Casebeer also had hard hits during the game.

Game 2: (11 – 3 Win)

Pitching: Whitnack 4 Innings (Win) – Mycyk 3 Innings

Summary:  The Reds finished off the two game series with a win behind solid defense once again.  Joey Koshman had a great game at Shortstop collecting a bunch of ground ball outs.  Koshman did a great job covering a throw that got away almost rolling into the opposing teams dugout and threw a rocket to catcher John Forno to get the runner.  Tyson Zarowny had some great plate appearances and was rewarded with a solid single up the middle.  Dillion Vail-Paris continues to swing a hot bat collecting a few hits on the weekend.

Weekend Overview:  Overall the Reds played two great games defensively.  They did enough to score runs and limit the opposing team to just a few base runners.  We will have to come ready to play for the next series of games, as the PBF varsity team is lined up for a 2-3 game series.  This will really test the Reds and should provide them with a measuring stick for what to work on.


The Best of the West Tournament - Penticton,BC - April 2-4

 Game 1:  vs. SOMBA (7 – 4 Win)

Pitching: Whitnack 3 1/3 innings (Win) – Schmidt 1 1/3 innings (Save)

Summary: Overall it was a great game with great pitching and timely hitting. Had some clutch 2-out RBI’s from Joey Koshman and John Forno.  Dillon Vail-Paris also started off a great weekend at the plate with a couple hits.  Pitching was solid with Eric Whitnack picking up his second win on the season and Jordan Schmidt picking up his first save.

Game 2: vs. PBF (10 – 2 Win)

Pitching:  Forno 3 innings (Win) – Casebeer 2 innings

Summary:  Pitching was once again solid with John Forno picking up his first win of the season.  Dillon Casebeer made his first pitching appearance of the season, he picked up 3 K’s in his debut.  Dillon Vail-Paris and Gordon Armitage hit back to back doubles off the right field wall against heavy wind blowing in.  Overall the Red’s really swung it well with great defense and pitching.

Game 3: Semi-Final vs. Vancouver (7 – 1 Win)

Pitching: Armitage 4 innings (Win) – Mycyk 1 inning – Schmidt 2 innings

Summary:  In the Semi-Final against the same team the Reds lost to last year in the consolation game (14-5 Loss) picked up a huge win.  Gordon Armitage picked up his first win of the year throwing a great game.  Relief pitching was solid.  The turning point in the game was when Dillon Vail-Paris hit a huge opposite field two-run homerun to put the Reds ahead 2-1.  Jordan Schmidt had a two-out RBI on way to a 7-1 win.
The Reds played a complete 7 innings of great baseball, probably the best game yet ever played by this group of players.

Game 4: Final vs. SOMBA (0 – 1 Loss)

Pitching: Whitnack 7 innings, 3 hits, 5 K’s, 82 pitches, 1 unearned run.

Summary: Eric Whitnack was in mid-season form throwing a great game but had no run support.  We hit the ball hard at time, however right at their fielders. We ended up stranding 8 baseruners.  Both teams played a great game with SOMBA coming out on top.

Weekend Overview:  Overall a great first tournament weekend for the Reds.  HUGE improvement from last year when we went 1-3.  Pitching and hitting over the weekend was awesome.  We hit the ball the hardest and most frequent out of any of the teams in the tournament.  Just coming up a little short in the final.  Looking forward to the rest of the season.  Expectations are set-high after such a great first weekend.
Thanks to everyone who has supported our team, most notably the parents and sponsors.


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