Jan 26/21
11:27 am

Mizuno Bombers 16 Black



St Pertersburg

Team Ticker:
  • April 6-8 JNQ Big South - Atlanta
  • April 21 - Sandspur slam - Tampa
Countdown to Atlanta
(Apr 6/07)
Welcome 16 Black players, parents, and visitors.

Updated April 5, 2007

All other Spectators will have to have a ticket for entry. See the details below. Entry will be ONLY through the Spectators entry doors Just follow the signs.

The Tickets are FREE.
Each ticket has a bar code that is good for three days admission (but can be scanned only once a day).
Re-entry is by hand stamp each day.
The tickets can be printed from the internet, just like an airline boarding pass.
You need to print your tickets BEFORE arriving at the event. Information collected will be kept private, per our Privacy Policy.
One person can print tickets for up to 10 people, but each person admitted must have a separate ticket.
The ticket has a court map printed on it, so you can find your way around the event easily
Inside the event.
The ticket can be scanned to show where your favorite teams (up to four) are playing. You select the teams when you print you register for your tickets and print them BEFORE you arrive.
The Ticket Printing Program also allows you to sign up for text messaging alerts on your favorite teams (up to four).
To Print Your Tickets, go to

Have Fun ..... and good luck Bombers!!!!

You also need to make reservations for the Orlando Tournament on 4/28.
Please e-mail either Susan Owen or Carol Wood to let us know what your intent is for your daughter, for the April Tournament in Orlando. Will your daughter need a team room or will she be staying with you? The last information that I had was that the girls would all be staying with their parents at all tournaments. If this is not the case for your daughter, please let me or Carol know! You will need to call Dillards Travel to make your reservation for a room.

Money for coach/team rooms can be turned in at the tournament.

Email for Carol Wood is cwood64142@aol.com
Email for Susan Owen is susan_owen@shorecrest.org


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