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Conroe Physical Education




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Welcome to the Conroe Physical Education Department 

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Our Physical Education department teaches, trains and motivates students to have wellness for a lifetime. Daily, meaningful physical activity and healthful behaviors are significant factors in the promotion of wellness.

Our physical education department offers the following courses:

  • Foundations of Personal Fitness

  • Individual Sports

  • Team Sports

  • Aerobics

  • Outdoor Education

Within each course, our curriculum offers:

  • mastery of basic skills and an understanding of motor skills related to activities so that each individual can make positive decisions about physical activity choices

  • experiences that encourage young adults to question, integrate, analyze, communicate and apply cognitive concepts about motor skill and exercise

  • opportunities to improve social and cooperative skills, and gain a respect and appreciation for cultural diversity

  • the use of fitness education and assessment using current technology to help students understand, enjoy, improve and/or maintain their physical health and well-being

  • an environment where all students can be actively involved in a wide variety of activities.




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