Jun 17/21
1:34 am

Tie Dyes





Welcome to the Tie Dyes New Home Page And Leisuer Connections To find out whats going on for leisuer Connections for the month click on calender than the
month this will give you all the events that are happening that month

The Tie Dyes are a recreational team (part of Lisuer Connections) that plays every Thursday night at Oak Ridge Park.

Leisure Conections is a recoratioal program run by the city of Kingston The priogram runs 3 to 4 times a week thought out the year depending on the Month the cost to join is 5.40 per month and an application from with imfromation on the participant must be filled out.

Event include


Movie Night (at either Cinplex Odeon or Capital 7 theaters)

Dinner and Movie (Artilery Park Aqutic Centre)

Bingo                   (Artilery Park Aqutic Centre)

Baking Night        (Artiley Park Aqutic Centre)


 November events comming soon at this time I would like to annoce that as of tommrows event Amanda will no longer running the Leisure connections events we hope to have a new person soon if they dont Amanda will stay on untill a replacement can be found

Tommorows event woll be at the Capitol Theater where we will see a movie the time of the event is at 6:30pm


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