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Westdale Warriors




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  • WARRIORS are the highest scoring teams in the lets keep the puck out of our net!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Countdown to Play Offs
(Feb 20/11)

 WARRIORS  Thank you for a Year of Great Hockey!!!






Congratulations to all the WARRIORS players on their 3rd place finish in the regular season


Now it is on to the SHIPLets work hard as a team and bring home a Banner and a trophy!!!


Season Stats


Total Offensive shots on Goal- 653

Total Goals-110 (#1 in the league)

Total Assists -79

Total Defensive shots on Goal 317

Total Goals against 43

Total Penalty Minutes 114 (+ 10 for the bench)








1 Game Left In The Season...

Are The WARRIORS Hungry Enough For A Run At The "SHIP"




Let the Numbers do the Talking

19 Games..

584 Shots on Goal

101 Goals Scored


The fans are giving you a standing O








As the WARRIORS approach another milestone.....

A challenge from the webmaster.

A $10 bounty

For the player who has The ASSIST on the 100th Goal.

Any takers






Fansmake sure to attend Fridays  game


     Watch the WARRIORS break 500









Warriors Start The New Year With A Win








Warriors go into mid-season break with most goals for firmly in their the hunt for that elusive first place..maybe the second game of the X-mas challenge will be a sign of things to come.








Warriors battle this weekend for 11 goals and 4 points in the standings

Warriors stand alone now with a league leading 53 Goals .

2 Games left with 4 more points up for grabs before the X-mas Break.

Westdale CC has found money in the budget to build a shelf for a X-mas trophy....can we deliver?? 




The Christmas Challenge Hockey Tournament

WEDNESDAY Dec 22 9:00 pm, at Gateway Red, vs Park City A3

THURSDAY Dec 23 5:15 pm, at Gateway Red, vs Norberry-Glenlee. 

TUESDAY Dec 28  11:30 am, at Varsity View, vs Morden.


The tournament website, for real time scores and standings as the tournament progresses is available as a link.

Click on the Info Links puck








Warriors battle hard for 16 goals and 3 points in the standings

Pushing the goals for to a league leading 42


If any one is interested here is an out-take from the official rules of hockey:

If a player intentionally kicks an opponent, then the referee has no choice other than to assess a match penalty to the offending player. A match penalty is even more serious than a game misconduct penalty. If the player receives a match penalty, then he or she usually has to go before the league board to determine what the player's punishment will be. Until a player does this, he or she is not able to play any other games in the league.

If the referee determines the player did not intentionally kick his or her opponent, but instead simply tried to push off, then the referee can give the player a five minute major penalty and a game misconduct penalty.

(Under Hockey Canada rules, kicking or attempting to kick an opponent always carries a Match Penalty regardless of intent.) 

You can read the full description here:









Warriors battle fearlessly but cant stop league leading Knights..


 Dont worry boys there is always next timethey can run but they cant hide......





As a report circulates, about a tribe of savage WARRIORS that brutalized a pack of Grizzlies.  


One poor bruin whose body was found with goal equipment had sustained 3rd degree burns to the back of his neck, reportedly from repeated flashes of some kind of bright red light.officials are worried for the safety of residents east of the red were the savage WARRIORS are said to strike next. 






Fort Garrys Red Menace is shut out as the mighty Warriors continue down the path of victories.

The people of Kirkfeild/Westwood have been spotted boarding up their homes terrified of the impending on slot...........and the war-drums beat on.....



Warriors Put On A Strong Show, To Down Fort Garrys Big Black Machine.

Residents of Fort Garry hide in their homes and tremble from fear.they hear the sound of war drums from the north and begin to prepare for a second attack this Saturday..

    >>>>GO WARRIORS<<<<



  Warriors Light the lamp 6 times to recover from a 2 goal deficit and get their first "W" of the season. 

    >>>>GO WARRIORS<<<<


 Welcome to the Westdale Warriors Home Page.

          Warriors season starts with promise of great hockey to come

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