Feb 28/20
8:58 pm

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New Hope


How Good Of A Player Do You Want To Be?  Make sure your work ethic reflects that.

Sunday July 22nd: Cooper @ Elk River 12:00pm 

-Attention:  Playoff format has been changed.  We are no longer just having the top 16 make the Section Playoffs to get to State.  All teams will be a part of the playoffs.

-Single Elimination Round.  If we win we play a best 2 out of 3 series against Park Center (on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).  If we lose we turn in our uniforms.

-Just to you are aware of the playoff format...

    Sunday: Single Elimination

    Mon-Wed:  Best 2 out of 3 Series

    Fri-Wed July 1st:  Final 8 Double-Elimination to determine State Representative

-We will leave Cooper and car pool to Elk River at 10:20am.

-Coaches will be up at Cooper at 9am to assist anyone who is interested in cramming before the final exam.  It will be up to you when you show long as it is before 10:20!

-Check back on Friday for more updates!

Cooper Baseball PHILOSOPHY:
-I apologize for my apparent inability to spell "Philosophy" on the handout.
-The handout details the attributes the Cooper Baseball program values.  Read over it periodically and reflect on what you are as a player and what you want to become.
-Those of you that actually digest the material and incorporate it into your game will see your skills, mental approach, and discipline improve.



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