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  • Final Super Bowl XLI Predicition: Colts 34, Bears 21
  • Texas A%26M takes over 1st place in Big Twelve
  • Barry Bonds signs with Giants
  • Six upsets on Saturday in college basketball
  • Cowboys head coaching spot still open
Countdown to Angels(dorks) vs Nationals
(Feb 27/07)

December 10, 2008 - Ready to go...

My favorite teams are: MLB: Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox; NFL: Chargers, Steelers, Titans, Buccaneers, Giants, Cardinals, Colts; NCAA Football/Basketball: USC, Tennessee, Florida State, Alabama, Texas, TCU, Penn State, Wisconsin, Western Kentucky; NCAA Baseball: USC, Pepperdine, Cal State Fullerton, Tennessee, Florida State, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama; NHL: Ducks; NBA: Suns, Heat, Magic, Clippers; NASCAR (even though I don't really like NASCAR) Carl Edwards (because he does backflips); PGA (even though I hate watching golf) Phil Mickleson (because he's lefty, like me)

(1/27/07) This could really be my year in basketball. The Suns came so close to getting to the Finals last year, and now they can turn last year into just an appetizer. With a 16 game winning streak, the Suns keep on rolling. Steve Nash is a top candidate for the Most Valuable Player award (wouldn't a three-peat be nice), Amare Stoudemire is back (although he's not up to speed yet, at least he's on the floor), and my favorite player Shawn Marion second in the league in steals per game, the Suns are on a collision course with the also-red hot Dallas Mavericks at season's end. However, with the NBA, you never can tell who will get hurt, so you never really can successfully predict a team's future, but with the Suns, the bench is so strong that you are sure that, no matter who goes down, somebody will be right there to fill in. In one of the most anticipated games of the season, the Suns will travel to Cleveland to face LeBron James and company with their win streak at stake.

(1/28/07) The Titans lost 13-9 today in a practice game in Encinitas, but I had a pretty good game. I went 3-4, scored three runs, and made a diving catch in left field to end an inning. In my first at bat in the first inning, I swung terribly in front of the first pitch. On the next delivery, I stayed back and smashed the ball to left field. In my next AB, I pulled a double over the right fielder's head, and I beat out an infield single in my next appearance. In my last at bat; however, I grounded a ball to second for a fielder's choice. Also, I pinch ran twice.

(1/30/07) Today doesn't have much in store for big games, but it is Super Bowl XLI media day. I don't know what can be more boring than a bunch of players running their mouths all day, but you never know when you'll strike gold. One great example is last year, when Joey Porter and Jerramy Stevens got into a jaw battle, and Porter's foreshadowing of Stevens' poor play was proved on Sunday.

Also, there are no college basketball games today really worth watching. ESPN's "feature" game is unranked Michigan State against fellow unranked Big Ten school Illinois. O.J. Mayo, the Trojans top recruit for next year was suspended for two technical fouls and bumping the referee. I can't believe that. He actually won a case so he can play in Durham for a game against a nationally ranked high school, but I don't know how long he'll keep his attitude problems.

Hi Kurt this is Josh. Go Hilltoppers

(1/31/07) My Heels are CRUSHING the 'Canes! They have been quicker and smarter than Miami all night, and Tyler Hansbrough has really solidified himself as a player of the year candidate. He showed surprising range early on, and is putting his power on display in the paint. The three-point shooting has also been a great asset to the UNC game tonight, a point of their game that has not been at its best this year.

Also, good news today in the MLB, where the commisioner has rejected the Giants/Barry Bonds contract, and Bonds won't sign the new version. Now maybe nobody will have to worry about Bonds breaking the HR record. A collective sigh of relief, at least for now, is resounding throughout the group of purist fans, that don't want a chemically-enhanced player to break the most prestigious record in baseball.

(1/31/07) Wow! Twenty-fifth ranked Indiana just dropped a bombshell on Wisconsin, ending their 17-game winning streak. The Hoosiers were trying to keep in the hunt for a March Madness berth, but they end up knocking off the #2 team in the country. The happiest team now in college basketball is definitely my UNC Tar Heels, who just scored 105 on conference rival Miami. The Tar Heels will most likely, barring a loss this week, move up to the #2 spot. Florida has quietly kept winning, and they are still the top team in the country.

On a different subject, I think that the Cowboys are doing a big favor to the Colts by distracting the Chicago Bears, with Dallas showing interest in Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. I sure wouldn't want to go into the biggest game of my life knowing that my coach may be gone soon.

(2/1/07) That Duke @ UVA game was really awesome. A great drive by Sean Singletary sealed the deal in overtime, and Josh McRoberts couldn't hit from three as the buzzer sounded. I really enjoyed watching that game, to see how the upstart Cavs and Singletary could stack up with the #10 Blue Devils, but they answered my question in a big way. I kind of sensed an upset from the beginning, but then I could feel Duke getting in a groove. It was awesome to see Duke go down how they did, being that they are one of my most hated rivals (go Heels!), in overtime fashion. McRoberts was actually just a fraction off on his last-second three, but a fraction is all it takes.

I also have my eye on another game tonight, San Antonio at the Suns. I really need to see a win from the Suns before I can sense a Finals run. I thought they were toast when they went down 14-3, but I forgot how explosive the Suns are on the run. Leandro Barbosa (one of my favorite players) was running the floor like no other player can, and surprised the Spurs with a big run.

(2/2/07) I love the Super Bowl, but I can't stand the storylines that turn into cliches. I cringe whenever I hear "Good Rex or Bad Rex". For goodness sake, can the media realize that there is a bad side to EVERY quarterback, not just Rex Grossman? Does the media also fail to realize that Grossman's fellow QB has not fared so well in this postseason? I don't care about the hype, I care about what goes on down on the field. Also, I'm really hoping to have a good game tomorrow. I'm not even sure who we're playing, but we're playing at THS.

(2/3/07) Rough day today. We lost our first game of the doubleheader, by three I think; but we won the next game by 4 or 5. I was 2-4, and got a hit off Austin, who I haven't seen since 4th grade. Then, I got home only to see that the Heels lost, and so did the Suns. Hey, maybe tomorrow the Colts will win, and I'll forget all about today. Early pick: Colts 34, Bears 24

(2/4/07) Officialy seven hours and thirty-six minutes before kickoff, buy I can't wait! The Super Bowl is the most exciting single game in all of sports, and I haven't really seen a good Super Bowl since '04, when the Patriots and Panthers played each other in my personal favorite Super Bowl. I heard that XXXIX was good, but I wasn't even home for it. Now, these teams have a good chance to go at it for a good game. I hate when everyone hypes up the QBs, but this year, I believe that the MVP will probably be a wide receiver or a running back. The most likely winner for the Bears is Bernard Berrian, because he's a huge big-play threat. For the Colts, I think that Joseph Addai or Marvin Harrison might get that trophy in the end. Realistically, I can't see anybody holding up that Vince Lombardi trophy tonight except Tony Dungy.

Also, the Trojans continue to surprise in basketball. The 9th ranked Ducks were again upset by my boys from Troy, with USC winning both games in the season series. Yesterday was a huge day for upset fans, with SIX ranked teams going down. A huge question


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