Oct 21/14
3:53 pm

WACHE Warriors




Upcoming Games:
Sat Nov 1/14 10:30am:
20142015 SEASON:
WACHE V. Girls/wear DARK Uniforms/official scorer -
Indy Wildcats -

Sat Nov 1/14 1:10pm:
20142015 SEASON:
WACHE V. Girls/DARK Uniforms/Official Scorer -
Cornerstone Warriors -

Countdown to ICBA Boys Regional Tournament
(Feb 24/12)



Please be sure to use the side bar Handouts to print off any forms you need.  The form for the program ad is here and you will need to print off one for each merchant you secure.  These need to be turned in by the end of October but sooner is better.  I am working on the program now and need to know how many pages we are going to be needing so please let me know who you have contacted and those who are already a definite!  

Each family will need to sell at least 3 Business Card size ads.  If you sell more than 3 you will be reimbursed for player fees/admissions fees depending on the amount you sell. 

We have decided to go ahead and have a concessions stand this year but keep it fairly simple.  We will be selling gateraid, water, candy bars, pretzels, hot dogs, and possible nachos and cheese.  I will need someone to head this up to keep the concessions stand supplied and to organize the workers.  Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in being responsible for.

You will find practice schedule and games on the Calendar side bar and the games for the season under Schedule.  I am still not finished with the schedule so keep checking back for updates on that.

Locations is where you will need to navigate too in order to find the locations of the facilities in which we play.





WACHE Sports Board: Ron Koppelman, Brandy Springer & Chris Schwartz 

We appreciate those who are willing to serve in this capacity.


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