Sep 19/20
1:20 pm

Old Town Tigers




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Posted May 23/11 - Jamboree Sumoree

Game Note's from our Jamboree: (passive aggressive comments in parenthesis)

Bad Boys' pitchers didn't allow a walk until the 10th inning of the day. (Bad Boys' “pitchers” didn't allow a walk the entire game.)

The defense was solid, committing only one error in 11 innings played. (Normally reliable with the glove, “Mr. Bad Boy” Jeremy Acree committed the team's only error in 11 innings played. At least he's no longer our everyday shortstop.)

Steve Sloboda had the best hit ball of the day hands down, crushing a double deep to right field. (Steve Sloboda turned a triple into a double after displaying his warning track power)

Brian Airey had a nice showing on the mound, leading the team in strikeouts. He also was productive at the plate, notching two solid hits and an RBI. (Pitcher Brian Airey swung the bat well for a pitcher, with 2 hits in 3 AB's. Too bad jamboree stats don't count in career stats otherwise it would have raised his career AVG to Acree's current weight.) 


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