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Posted Apr 22/12 - The Final At Bat!
When the 2012 Season started I was on the fence. My long time friends and teammates were mostly gone or on their way out. I traded a good friend out of financial responsibility. With changes in my life (My wonderful new wife) and Business I wasn't sure where my level of dedication was. I sucked it up and Santino a best friend and long time teammate and I discussed lets give it one last run. I pushed, I tried to make things work, I found myself getting to the field 30 mins before gametime. That is not how I ran things, I knew I wasnt showing my 100 effort but my dedication never changed. In 20 Seasons of Sandvipers Baseball we had never forfeited because of lack of guys. Well today that changed! With the lack of dedication from players (I apologize to the few who have been there) I have decided to disband the 2012 Sandvipers and I will be walking away from managing the team and organization I spent 8 years building.

I mention the bad but there has been the good, from the 2nd Season first time MSBL League Champions, to the 3 national tournament wins we had were ups. The list of some of my favorite players is huge, I enjoyed playing with everyone. It is at this time I take my last at bat as a Sandviper, what a ride. Thank you to all who had a part of it.

I would like to send a special thank you to Adam Sowell without the night of drinking beers and deciding we could make this team happen. Shawn Vance your never get frustrated approach made you an all time Sandviper great. Santino for having to deal with my bitching every single time something went wrong. To Greg Shepard who became more of a brother then a friend and led me to understand how to approach the game. Thank you!

There are many people to thank that is just a few. Sorry if I missed you there have been hundreds of Sandvipers, thank you to every single one. Well the final pitch is thrown and this is my final strikeout and premature end to the 2012 season and end of the Sandvipers!

Couple pieces of information:

Weekday league will maintain next game is 4/24 at Hadland 7pm. If you are on weekday roster please make sure if you are not at that game to text me to get next games info. Remember we merged with Blacksox and will continue to play there.

If you have one of my jerseys you must return it before you will be cleared to join another team. This is a white of black top. If your name is on it it is yours. If not it needs to be returned.

Final note NO MONEY is being refunded it was allocated and there were a few guys that had not paid. The league is not providing refunds and neither can I right now I am invested $200 more then collected for the season. However if you decide to play with another NABA team that team will not be required to have you pay a new player fee, you can play with any team as long as it is reported to Kelly.

Sean Reilly and Jon Birds - Your team fee for any half season you choose in NABA will be covered and has been discussed with the league president. You did not play a game and had agreements discussed prior.


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