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Posted Jun 1/12 - Angels Coach already names game 1 playoff Starter

Good news, Angels Fans: Manager General Lee settled on his playoff rotation Thursday, naming Rob Brookins as his Game 1 starter in the Southern New Brunswick League

Never mind the remaining four months. Brookins is Genreal's guy.

Oh, yeah. The Angels have to get there, first. But enough about that technicality. Not when General has a longtime trusted ace to defend when asked, in a radio interview, who would be his Game 1 starter with his club seemingly lacking an ace.

General expanded on those sentiments in a wide-range, if tame, by his standards, rant:

"I said Rob Brookins because I know what I'm going to get. Nothing against my other four guys because that's the only one I known exactly what I'm going to get on that particular day. ... This kid has been pretty good in his career. He was not a first-round pick. His was not $100-million guy signed out of high school or college. He just worked his head off to put himself in a good position. This guy throws 84, 85, 86 making $100 million dollars. There has to be a reason. You make all that money with that crap he throws, he better be good.''

Quality crap, indeed. Brookins lost his only start in May, helping the Angels to a record 2 wins in the month. And he was a provincial hero for General  in 2006, of course, when they won it all with the Saint John Mets

So all the better General defend his guys. Rather than, you know, dabble in politics.


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