Jan 19/20
12:11 am

Waconia Girls Rugby Club
The Gryphons




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Posted Apr 30/10 - All Saints Fun in the Sun
Even though the day started earlier than the girls could have even imagined...leaving the high school at 6:30...the day turned out to be an excellent day for rugby! Sunny, no wind, temps in the high 70's.  The first game was hard, the girls took a tough loss to South Metro.  Their backs got the ball, headed for the sidelines and like a shot, they were down the field!  The Gryphons fell to Hopkins in the third game, also a Tier I team.  Although the Waconia girls were quite outsized by the Goliathesque Hopkins, we did a great job slowing down their progress down the field.  Hopkins did not get any breakaways, they had to fight their way down the field one meter at a time.

The second game of the day had the Lady Gryphons playing against the Tier II rival Chisago Lakes I.  Earlier in the season Waconia took a loss to the Chisago Lakes 2 team, so this was to be a redemption game.  Waconia started out strong and never slowed down the whole game!  The scrum dominated Chisago and the backs worked as one as they moved the ball down the line and down the field.  The whole field was covered by a sea of teal, Chisago could not find a gap to break through!  Waconia looked incredible! It was a tight win, 7-0, but the girls pulled it off!


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