UPDATE FOR 2020 SEASON - MAY 21, 2020

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Game Changer has been updated to reflect practice changes for this week. Please check to see what time your age group start/ends. 

May 24th, 2020


Games and practices can be found on Game Changer and it has already been updated for the 2020 year. We will start on Tuesday. Check the notes section to see what time your daughter's practice gets over. 


REMIND SIGNUP - This is for updates and is the same for 2020 as it was for 2019.

I ask that you sign up for the Remind messages.  This is how we will communicate regarding cancelled practices/games etc. Babysitters, grandparents, etc are welcome to join the text messages.

If your daughter is on the 8u team:  text 81010 - the message is @8uale

If your daughter is on the 10u team: text 81010 - the message is @10uale

If your daughter is on the 12u team: text 81010 - the message is @12ual


Hair should be in a ponytail and headbands used. We want to keep hair out of the face and hands away from the face as much as possible.   Failure to have hair in a ponytail and away from face forfeits the ability to play. If short hair is in the players eyes it should be pulled back. Safety first! Players should be to the diamond a MINIMUM of 15 minutes before game time. Parents: I would recommend face masks for your daughter if there is any concern about safety. Some leagues require all positions to wear a facemask, although our league only requires pitchers to wear facemasks. If you are concerend about your childs safety, please consider.   Nails should be trimmed short.

2020 Covid Safety

  • Each child participating must sign a waiver prior to any particpation. 
  • No sunflower seeds.
  • We suggest each kid carry hand sanitzer with them at all times (Restrooms will be available but use at your own risk. Soap will be provided).
  • It is encouraged that each kid has their own helmet, but in the event they dont, a helmet will be provided. This also applies to bats. 
  • Fan social distancing is encouraged. 
  • 1 catcher per game unless injured and then equipment will be wiped down before next player uses it.
  • No tournaments
  • Dugouts will be extended to accomodate additional space for plaeyrs to distance and will be restricted to fans.
  • Players will not shake hands after games rather a tip of the hat as a positive gesture to the other team.
  • Fans are asked to only sit with immediate family and socially distance yourself from others. 

Uniforms - shirts will be provided

8u - tennis shoes or rubber cleats. Black shorts/pants. If wearing tall socks - all black.
10u - tennis shoes or rubber cleats, black plants. If wearing tall socks - all black.
12u - tennis shoes or rubber cleats (no metal cleats). Must have black uniform pants, tall black socks (no print socks allowed) and black belt if applicable.



There will be no league tournaments for any age group this year (2020).


-No Leading off

-One extra base per over throw

-Coaches pitch - players must play behind the pitching mound

- 7 pitches then batter hits from the tee

- each team has the same number of batters

- 2 pitcher players


-3 Step lead off after ball leaves pitcher’s hand - no stealing

-10 Players on defense (4 outfielders and regular infield positions)

- All pitchers must wear a face mask while pitching

-3 pitches by the player pitcher and then 4 pitches by the coach (out after 7 pitches). If game goes longer than 2 innings it will be coach pitch after the 2nd inning to keep the game moving along.

-1 hour time limit, 3 outs or 5 runs per inning

-all players must be in a position behind the pitching mound

-One extra base on an over throw that goes out of play, but if over throw stays in fair play runner can advance as many bases she can take


-Pitchers can pitch from 35’ (Regulation is actually 40 feet) and must wear a face mask

-Stealing home is allowed until there is a 10 run lead then no stealing home

- Lead off/ stealing can be done after ball leaves pitchers hand

-3rd strike is a strike-out and the batter is out (we are not using the 3rd strike drop rule)

-Batter that is hit by a pitch can only take their base if it is a direct hit. If the ball bounces first then it is just called a ball.

-no infield fly rule

- 9 players on the field

- 5 innings

- strike zone knees to sternum

Janelle.Guericke@MitchellTech.edu (Janelle's email)     
Mg33210@icloud.com (Megan's email)        

Janelle - 605-770-4567     Megan - 605-770-2615







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