# Name POS T
5 Jerry Kampshoff P L R
12 Garrett Gassman C L R
21 Jared Donahue P / OF L L
Eric Schulz Outfield L R
14 Allen Kramer OF L L
13 Dave Gassman P R R
3 Nick Koepsell Inf / P R R
11 Jared Hegdahl P / IF R R
6 Doug Carlson Out R R
25 Curt Carlson OF / IF R R
24 Kevin Leighton Infield R R
10 Jason Miller P /DH R R
9 Chad Schulz Outfield R R
21 Seth Dawson Infield R R
14 Grant Olson Pitcher / Utility R R
1 Troy Loundenburg Catcher R R
15 Devin Alfson OF / 1B R R
23 Mark Zens Outfield R R
2 Jeremy Zens Inf / P R R
18 Ted Gosmire Catcher R R
11 Logan Calmus Legion Catcher R R
8 Levi Loudenburg Utility R R
27 Matt Freeman Utility R R
15 Jeremy Torkelson Legion Outfield R R
33 Michael Krempges Infield R R
4 Ethan Hegdahl Utility R R
23 Lincoln Gassman P / IF R R
8 Mike Hiltunen Infield R R
31 Thomas Gulledge P / OF R R
16 Drew Dawson Infield R R
2 Trevor Oswald SS R R
23 Loren Eich Out / P R R
1 Dan Noonan UTL R R
8 Levi Loudenberg Out/Inf/P R R
27 Mike Krempges IF R R
3 Nick Koepsell 2B R R
19 Tucker Gassman 1B R R
Derek Miller OF/P R R
Justin Miller R R
Jared Miller R R
Gavin Gassman R R
Marshall Miller R R


# Name
13 Dave Gassman
5 Jerry Kampshoff

  • Welcome to the Home of the **CANOVA GANG **
  • Canova Plays Akron, Thursday, August 13th at 6:00 pm

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14th July, 2024
Clear Sky
Wind: 10.36 miles/hour

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