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Posted June 28, 2020

Participant Guidelines

ViaSport Return to Sport Guidelines for BC:

 BCCDC Covid-19 Resources:


Government of Canada COVID-19 Resources:



Please note that all of the below Personal Health and Hygiene Guidelines are intended to be required for anyone involved in youth or amateur baseball which includes, but is not limited to; athletes, coaches, umpires, administrators, volunteers and spectators.

- Anyone displaying ANY illness symptoms MUST NOT attend.

- Disinfectant wipe down of all surfaces athletes can be exposed before every event.

- Reminder to all participants daily to avoid touching of eyes, nose or mouth

 - No sharing of water bottles.

 - No sharing of food of any kind.

 - No spitting.

 - No chewing gum or sunflower seeds.

 - No sharing of any personal equipment or items

- Ride sharing to be discouraged whenever possible.

 - All participants encouraged to disinfect their equipment after each event.

- All participants encouraged to wash all clothing and selves after each event.




The Provincial Restart Plan and the viaSport Guidelines are broken into phases. Right now we are in Phase 2. For ease of reference, we will be referring to the current phase for baseball as Phase 2, as well. Note that only Phase 2 currently has any timeline attached, and even there, we have only identified the possible start date for that phase. This done entirely based on information supplied by ViaSport related to movement between phases as outlined in their Sport Activity Chart. (Appendix A – viaSport Guidelines).

 Any movement between phases will be decided through collaboration with viaSport and the Provincial Health Office and announced by Baseball BC. Do not move from one phase to another on your own or without approval to do so.


Phase 2 in the viaSport Guidelines is referred to as “Transition Measures – Approx. May to September.”

 This phase applies to Baseball and informs the baseball specific measures in the “CRANBROOK BANDITS BASEBALL Phase 2”. Important to note about this viaSport phase is the following:

 − 2m physical distance required between participants

− No non-essential travel

 − No groups of more than 50 people

 − Increased hand hygiene

 − Symptom screening in place

 − Preferred outdoor activity only

− Train in smaller groups

− No or limited spectators

 − No contact-type activities

− In-club play only (no travel and no games between clubs)

− Minimal shared equipment – if shared need to disinfect before, during, and after

See the viaSport Guidelines for all the requirements of this phase.




Guidelines and Recommendations (June 7th to TBA)

 - Small group training and development sessions permitted.

 - Maximum of 10 athletes at an event. Maximum of 2 coaches at an event. Maximum of 1 parent per athlete at an event.

 - Verbal symptom screening must be performed at every session to ensure all participants are symptom free.

 - All government expectations and requirements to be met, including viaSport Phase 2 guidelines

 - All Cranbrook Bandits Baseball Personal Health and Hygiene Recommended Guidelines to be reviewed and enforced as outlined above.

- 2m physical distance required between participants

 - Every event to include reminders to participants regarding 2m physical distancing and include no spitting, no face touching, no contact between the athletes.

 - Attendance must be taken and kept at every event for all people in attendance including parents (drivers). These records must be kept for 30 days before being destroyed.

 - No team huddles before, during or after the practice for coaching or teaching purposes unless 2m physical distancing requirements are adhered to.

 - All drills to be created and implemented ensuring 2m physical distancing requirements are adhered to.

- No dugout use permitted. Athletes must be set up outside of the dugout with 2m physical distancing requirements adhered to.

 - No shared use of personal equipment.

 - Baseballs should be sanitized prior to every event and every effort given to limit the number of athletes using one ball in a practice environment.

 - No indoor events (practice, cage) permitted.

- No changing or dressing rooms permitted.

- All field prep equipment to be disinfected and cleaned after every use.



The following guidelines and recommendations are provided for organizations, local associations and clubs and are suggested to be considered and incorporated in every phase of Return to Play

These recommendations and guidelines are in addition to the viaSport guidelines for facility access and use (see page 10)

- Facilities with multiple fields will need to ensure no cross over of scheduling leads to a situation where the restrictions related to group size are broken.

 - Signage advising and educating on COVID-19 wellness, hygiene, and social distancing measures should be in place at every field and facility utilized.

- Use cones and other equipment or markings to ensure appropriate spacing is in place to support distancing.

 - All fan seating should be configured with social distancing requirements adhered to.

 - Directional traffic flow plan and markers may be required in high pedestrian traffic areas

- Field allotments must be modified to allow for all events to stay under the 50 person social gathering limits. It is suggested that you move to 1.5 times the traditional allotment window.

 - No gathering should be permitted around the park until the scheduled start time of any event (please consider having arriving participants wait in their car until after the group ahead has vacated).

- Athletes should leave the park immediately after the practice or game.

- Concessions should only be opened or provided through approval of the respective health department. - Washrooms (if the responsibility of the club or local association) need a defined cleaning schedule at a minimum of twice daily. See municipal and health authority requirements for washrooms.

 - Water fountains (if present) should be used for only filling of water bottles. Signage should be placed advising not to drink from. See municipal and health authority requirements for water fountains.


While we aim to provide relevant and timely information, because information known about the COVID-19 coronavirus and recommended health and safety measures can rapidly change no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided. It is important to note that the Guidelines are not a legal document and is to be used as a guide only. It is not a substitute for actual legislation or orders of the PHO. In the event of an ambiguity or conflict between the Guidelines and the Public Health Act, regulations or orders thereunder, the Act, regulations and orders prevail. Each Organization should comply with the requirements of the provincial and local government and health officials in terms of public gatherings and sporting events when determining when it is safe to return to activities. Nothing in this document is intended to provide legal advice. Do not rely on this document or treat it as legal advice. Anyone using the Guidelines does so at his or her own risk. Baseball BC shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind arising directly or indirectly from the use of the Guidelines including, without limitation, reliance on the completeness or accuracy of the information provided.


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