Frequently asked questions:

1) How many tournaments do we play in? Each age group will play in 8-10 tournaments. 16U and 18U will be a combination of fall and summer tournaments.  10, 12, and 14U primarily in the spring and summer but will do a fall round robin.

2) Cost to play? Fees will be $600-700 for 10U and $900 for older age groups plus the cost of their uniforms.

3) How often are practices held? At minimum on a weekly basis but depends on if in season or out of season.  In season may practice more often and depends on the coaching staff of your particular team.

4) On average how much does it cost to travel? The organization makes every attempt to minimize the cost of travel by selecting a number of tournaments within driving distance for the younger teams. On average there are 2-4 tournaments for the younger age groups that require hotel stays. The 14U, 16U & 18U teams focus on exposure tournaments and opportunities for players to be recruited and most often all require lengthier travel and hotel stays.