Sep 28/21
9:58 pm

Eagan Wildcat 15's





This page is for any quotes that you want to display. Send them to me via E-Mail and I will post them.

1) Class and Hustle are the 2 things you can control during a game, You can't control what the other team does! Coach Peterson
2) The longest major league baseball game ended tied at one to one after 26 innings. In 1920, this game between the Boston Braves and the Brooklyn Dodgers (because you had to 'dodge' trolley cars in Brooklyn) finally had to end because there were no stadium lights.
3) You want to be winners? Then you all have to strive to be Leaders! Put Team before yourself on and off the field! Coach Peterson
4) Improve 1% everytime you step onto the field and by the end of the season you will be more than 100% improved! Coach Peterson
5) ALWAYS respect the game and you will get the same back from the others around you! Coach Peterson
6) Focus and concentrate on what you have to do as a hitter! DO NOT Think, worry or concentrate on what the pitcher can or will do!
Kirby Pucket - MN Twins All Star Hall of Famer


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