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EFT GAME REPORT September 12-13th 2009.

Great start to the season, with a very good tournament. My aim of the weekend was to get our two new players settled into the team and for all the girls to be ready for our first game this coming weekend. I didn't get a chance to see the first game but the girls started off great with a 5-1 victory. Todd reported that the team was getting there heads up and always looking to pass the ball. Our second game was a great chance really work on passing the ball around and trying to switch the play from side to side. A strong 5-0 victory vs Montclair shown that they are starting to understand this concept well.

Day two started with another impressive 6-2 victory, coming from behind almost instantly shown the girls great desire to win, and once they started to control the game and pass the ball the goals came thick and fast and we ended the 1st half at 6-2. Our biggest test was always going to be the Millburn game, although the result was 0-1 the girls really did dominated the game and was always putting pressure on the Millburn defense. This game was the best chance to see if the girls are starting to understand how important quick passing and getting your head up is. Next weekend we play Millburn again and this is a great chance to work on passing in and around the Millburn goal.

To summarize the weekend, I am very happy with the new additions to the team and the bond the girls have with each other. We have been working on trying to get our heads up and look to pass the ball around, and this was happening in most games. If the girls get a chance to dribble to goal, I am not trying to stop them doing this, what I want them to do is make the decision in there own mind. This is were I want you as the parents to help the team out, please do not shout from the sides what they should do, it will not help them learn. I want to support them and let them learn from making mistakes and making there own decisions.

Overall I am very happy with how the team is developing and I am looking forward to the season. See you all on Sunday!!

Coach Lee Kellett U10 girls Lady Lightning Trainer



Lady Lightning Vs Bridgewater - 5th April 2009

A beautiful sunny day at the Basin proved to the catalyst for a greatly improved game for the girls. The pre match was put solely on using the wide players and right from the start it was clear the girls had the advantage. With the obvious speed that the girls show, they took the lead with 2 very well taken goals, using wide areas to create space and some good finishing. The field became quite crowded in the middle and it meant our wide players could get a lot of space. The defense keep the opposition extremely quiet with pretty much no shots on goal and some very positive controlled play out from the back. It was great to see the girls controlling the ball, looking up and passing out of danger, instead of the kick it and hope approach taken by most teams. The girls added a third goal before half time, which gave the girls a good cushion at half time. The half time team talk pushed towards continuing the good work in the wide areas and adding shooting from in and around the box, trying to avoid walking the ball into the back of the net.

After half time the opposition took hold of the game and pushed forward creating a few good chances, culminating in scoring twice. The pressure on the defense was certainly increasing, but some calm play out to the sides, pushed the girls forward to increase the lead and seal the victory. After 2 goals (3 in total) where disallowed for somewhat interesting calls!! A breakaway from inside the girls half led to a fantastic solo effort sealing the victory. It was good to see the girls rotating into different positions and coping very well. It is clear that they are all grasping the concept of all positions which definitely bodes well for their future development as a team and individuals.

Coach Jon


Livingston Lady Lightning Vs West Windsor 29th March 2009

Even though the weather forecasters were pretty adamant it would rain all day, the sun was shining as the girls took to the goose covered field. The pre match warm up focused on communicating with each other and using body language to improve it. The girls started well with the majority of the 1st quarter played in the oppositions half. Even though the girls rarely threatened the goal they did well holding positions and moving the ball out wide.  With a little more direction going forwards they may have dominated more but lacked the killer pass or bit of luck to get free from the defenders. The opposition had very few chances in the first half and the game was stalemate at half time. Positive reinforcement at the half time team talk, focusing on passing the ball forwards gave the girls something more to think about on the field.

The second half started slowly for the girls, with mistakes at the back being costly and the other team taking a 2 goal lead. The girls however responded by threatening several times, with only good stops from the goalkeeper stopping the girls advances. Advancing more players forward and tired legs led the opposition scoring twice more but still the girls kept pushing for that goal. Several good corners and wide play nearly led to what would’ve been good team goals but luck was not on there side.

Positives from the game were definitely defense with girls putting in some great tackles and playing away from danger. In the coming weeks we will definitely work on passing forwards and making space going forwards to receive a pass.

Result 0-4

Coach Jon


Livingston Lady Lightning (2) v Millburn Monarchs (2)  --9/28/08

The fall season well and truly entered our thoughts on Sunday both seasonally and performance wise. Due to a torrential rain we encountered two days prior to kick-off, the field that we were presented at Millburn looked tired and patchy in places. However, this cannot be said of the girls’ performance throughout the whole game. Two players missing due to illness and injury aided by an extremely heavy field the girls can be well pleased of their effort and application throughout.

In a very one-sided 1st half the girls dominated play, held positions well and linked up with each other to create a number of goal scoring opportunities. As the half came to a close Livingston found themselves two goals to the good, with some better finishing, the score line could have been more.

The talk at half time was to stay balanced as a team, increase our communication with each other and try and build on what was a great foundation laid from the first half. However, a lack of concentration and maybe an over-confidence on the ball saw a couple of mistakes lead to two goals conceded in a short space of time, resulting in the score line level. This slight mishap did not see the girls become negative nor start to play as individuals. A resilient fight back saw a thrilling final quarter to the game where the Livingston girls did everything in their power to get the go-ahead goal, but due to some stout defending and heroic goalkeeping from the Millburn team, the game ended level.

Overall, a great lesson needs to be learned by the girls after such a game, even though they bossed the majority of possession and created a number of chances to score goals. Every player needs to concentrate for every second they are on the field, and try and remember their roles and responsibilities for a given position. That being said I cannot fault the girls for their desire, effort and application throughout the game

Oliver Gough – U9 Lady Lightning Trainer


Livingston Lady Lightning (3) V (4) West Windsor Dynamite -- 09/14/08

I want to reach out and welcome back you all to what looks to be a very exciting and competitive fall season with the Lady Lightning. Coming straight after a mixed performance in the EFT tournament, the girls were looking to start the season with a positive performance and a committed manner.

We talked before the game that we needed to start on the front foot and put the much stronger and bigger Dynamite under pressure. The girls duly delivered and found themselves 2 goals to the good early on. As the rest of the first half went by our girls slowed due to the humidity and the sheer physical strength of the opposition and found ourselves tied 2 each at half time.

Again the second half followed the same path as the first with the Lady Lightning taking the ascendancy early on and finding a well worked and well deserved goal, however the West Windsor Dynamite came roaring back equalizing the game. From then on the game could have gone either way; however a slight drop in concentration and tiredness told as the Dynamite snuck the wining goal with a matter of minutes to play.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the girl’s attitude and application during the game which saw a far better performance than the one we saw against Chatham a week earlier. What pleased me the most was the girls taking a leadership role on the field and working together to help each other out all across the park, a marked improvement in terms of positioning was sought and found, which is very encouraging for our upcoming fixture list.

Well done

Oliver Gough – Lady Lightning U9 Girls Coach


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