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                   BLUE RIDGE YOUTH    


The Shared Mission of BYBC 

BYBC is a not for profit organization committed to assisting female student athletes in their individual basketball development by providing instruction of the fundamental elements of the game, along with the opportunity to play with and against the highest level of competition.


The Vision of BYBC

  •  Open to all interested players in Central and Southwest Virginia.  
  • To become a premiere not for profit organization for the development of girls basketball in Virginia and the Southeast region.
  •  To be known as a teaching organization that helps student athletes on and off the court.

    The Values of BYBC 

  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Scholarship
  • Servant hood

    Delivering on the BYBC Mission  

Great People with Great Values

     *Integrity and honesty

     *Passion for the people and the game

     *Open and respectful with others, dedicated to making them better

     *Accountable for commitments, results and attitude.




BYBC will field teams in eight different age levels.  The number of teams in each age level will be determined by the number of girls willing to commit to a season of participation.


 BYBC will provide a positive, organized and disciplined environment for players to develop and to maximize individual and team basketball skills, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Organizational Justice

 Striving for an overall perception of what is fair in establishing of structure, policies and teams.

A.    Distributive justice

Definition: perceived fairness of outcomes.

 Example: “I got the role on the team I deserved.”


B.     Procedural justice

Definition: perceived fairness in the process of evaluating and determining the distributions of rewards.

Example: “It was thoroughly explained and I was given the opportunity to display my skill level and knowledge.”


 C.    Interactional justice

Definition: perceived degree to which one is treated with respect and dignity.

Example: “My coach communicated my value as a person and team member while clearly stating his/her evaluation of my role, strengths and weaknesses.”



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