May 12/21
10:06 am

Humboldt Vikings




Kane Young was to be a senior and was our team leader when he passed away on July 22nd, 2010. He had developed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually into a young man that all people from Humboldt were proud to have as a town representative. He was bound for college and spoke often about his dreams and aspirations. He was heavily involved in the FCA and many people witnessed his love for all people when he would give food to people who were hungry and always had a hug for students who were suffering emotionally. He was a great guy and we all miss him. Our team has decided to dedicated our effort, our teamwork, our love for one another and our unity to Kane this season. We believe he is still with us in spirit and lifts us up when adversity hits. Kane will always be in our hearts.

-Coach Lane and the Senior Class


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