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Johnson Fastpitch Softball Booster Club Minutes (Oct 21)
Our next meeting will be held November 3rd at 6:00  at Johnson in the lunchroom. 
Below are the Booster Club representatives. 
President David Beverly
Vice-President Doug Turner
Treasurer Debra Beverly
Senior Night Lynn Robertson
Concession stand Chris and Jan Threlkeld
Programs Stephanie Turk
2009 Banquet Misty Smith and Candy Young
Fundraising Kerri Napoleon
Golf Tournament Joe Robertson
We appreciate everyone that was able to attend the meeting.  A lot of great ideas were mentioned and it will require every parent to help out.  We discussed having a Chicken Q and Misty Smith was going to check on getting chicken donated.   Also we would like to have a golf tournament which will be coordinated by Joe Robertson.  Each month the booster clubs from each sport are responsible for Coke sells at Johnson.  Coach Townley stated that November is our month to do the Coke Fundraiser.  The Coke products should be ordered in the month of November and will be picked up November 29th at the school.  We will discuss that fundraiser at our next meeting.  It was voted that the Booster Club will no longer purchase letterman jackets.  We discussed fees for next year which we will need to discuss again.  We also discussed having special fundraisers such as car washes.  Coach Townley spoke to the girls about a travel ball team   I apologize if I have left anything out.  We hope to see you at our next meeting. 


2008   Johnson Softball Booster Club

Check # Date Payee Memo Category Amount Balance

Balance from Previous Season

1025 6/28/2008 Krispy Kreme Fundraising Fundrasing 220.00 263.31

7/29/2008 Deposit Banners/Ads Fundrasing 1480.00 1743.31
1026 8/5/2008 Hibbett Sports Wiffle Balls Equipment 42.73 1700.58
1027 8/8/2008 Unifors Uniforms Uniforms 1338.22 362.36

8/15/2008 Depsoit Banners/Ads/Dues Fundrasing 1230.00 1592.36
1028 8/13/2008 Coke Concession Stand Drinks Concessions 199.21 1393.15
1029 8/17/2008 Cash Concession Stand/Gate Start Up Cash Concessions 100.00 1293.15
1030 8/18/2008 David Beverly Concessions - Sams Concessions 140.85 1152.30
1031 8/20/2008 Sams Membership for JHS Softball Booster Concessions 35.00 1117.30
1032 8/20/2008 Sams Concessions Concessions 102.85 1014.45

8/22/2008 Deposit Dues/Gate/Concessions Fundraising/Dues 1068.00 2082.45
1033 9/1/2008 VOID

0.00 2082.45
1034 9/1/2008 Instant Imprints Banners Banners 288.90 1793.55
1035 9/1/2008 Sams Concessions Concessions 136.24 1657.31
1036 9/1/2008 Cash Start Up $$ & Paint Concessions 75.00 1582.31
1037 9/2/2008 Coke Concession Stand Drinks Concessions 188.01 1394.30
1038 9/4/2008 Sams Concession Concessions 24.61 1369.69

9/6/2008 Deposit Ads and banners Ads/Banners 460.00 1829.69

9/6/2008 Deposit Concession/Gate Concession/Gate 590.00 2419.69
1039 9/6/2008 Southern States Lime for field Field Maintenance 17.08 2402.61


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