Aug 2/21
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Dear Parent:

Welcome to the 2009/2010 RGSA Soccer Season. Our team is the Richmond Pumas and we will be playing at the U-9 level within the Richmond Girls soccer league.

This year, our focus will be on challenging the girls to learn the finer points of the game of soccer.   We will be playing on a larger field, therefore we will be spending more time on fitness and running.   We will be teaching some more strategy in their play.   Working on moving to space and challenging for the ball.

We encourage parental involvement and hope parents will attend games and encourage their children and children’s teammates from the sidelines. The players usually respond very well when their parents are at the games. The only thing that we request: Leave the coaching to the coaches...encouraging words from the sidelines only.

Our intention is to rotate the players during game play, and we try to keep the substitutions and game time equitable. This is a policy that we have invoked over the past few seasons.  If you are ever unhappy with our coaching or feel that your daughter requires something more than we are providing, please come and talk to one of the coaches in private.

Please try to have your athlete at the practices and games on time and dressed appropriately. Remember to bring water and always have your athlete wear their shin guards and cleats.   Also, please make sure your athlete puts her hair in a pony tail (or similarly tied back) and absolutly NO JEWLERY!  Please make sure you have a timely drop off an pick up arranged for your daughter.  We, coaches have other teams and duties, which makes it impractical for us to be waiting at fields for parents to arrive to retrieve their players.

Terry Dowle                                                                      Grant Moffat                                   

Home #604-277-9125                                                       Home #604-244-3995

Cell #604-760-8221


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