May 14/21
9:08 am

Southern Alliance Football League






To provide a home for the great minor league teams in the  Southern States AL,GA,FL,SC,TN,.  To give team’s room to grow into a professional sports organization.  To provide America with high quality professional football in the summer.  Also to build a high quality brand that will be know across the eastern part of the country.


The vision of the SAFL  runs very deep.  The SAFL  is not looking to be the biggest football league out there but the best. We are not the NFL and we are not trying to be.  We are our own brand of  football.  We are looking to build a 1st class football league for our team owners that work very hard to build elite football organizations. No more jumping from league to league.  The SAFL is the place were the elite can finally market their teams as pro football clubs and a place to call home from many, many years to come

About the SAFL

—To serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence on the field, in the office, at the stadium and within the community by consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our game, customers, teammates and partners as a cost-effective and visionary organization providing a total entertainment experience.”


What is the SAFL

—The SAFL is a pro developmental football league build to bridge the gap between semi-pro and pro football.  The SAFL is a league will give team owners the reach to land national sponsors. To reach the eyes and ears of football fans all over the United States.

—A training ground to develop professional players, coaches, and personnel on and off the field.  Emphasis is placed on fundamental development, career development, community involvement, and education to everyone involved with the league.

P.R.I.D.E. is the statement of our league's commitment to being the best Football League in Minor League Football period. The SAFL, it's players and Coaches will are committed to representing the SAFL in a professional and positive manner.

What does P.R.I.D.E. stand for?


1. Professionalism- We will compete with passion and sportsmanship. We will put on every event associated with the SAFL with class and professionalism.


2. Results- We will set goals to market the players. Each team is expected to maintain a website and keep accurate stats.


3. Integrity- This league will be ran fairly and honest, every team will do there part and the league will do it's part. The SAFL will maintain financial records which are made available for the league's review.


4. Determination- We are committed to being the best league and giving players the best league to showcase there talents on film in an organized environment. Just as each team owners is determined to make his organization the best, also each player is determined to put in the work to make himself the best. Together the players and owners determination will make the SAFL the best league in Minor League Football.


5. Excellence- The SAFL is driven be a commitment to be excellent. We have leadership that has been successful in Minor League Football as well as business. We have many years of success running Minor League Football Teams and plan to put a league together to excel far beyond other leagues.



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