May 14/21
10:27 am

Southern Alliance Football League





The Mission of Southern Alliance Football League (SAFL) is to give student athletes another opportunity to pursue a collegeeducation utilizing's his God given talent in the sport of football or pursue a dream of playing professional football. Furthermore, the SAFL knows after high school this window begins to close for this student athlete. The SAFL realizes that people mature a different stages in there lives. If a student athlete isn't able upon graduation to go to college but is motivated by his passion for football then our goal is to take his passion and channel it in a constructive environment and give that student athlete additional time to pursue a college education or to pursue a professional career. If an athlete isn't able to get to attend college or a university then we offer an opportunity to allow that player to pursue his dream in a professional environment conducive to success. We will focus in the South areas including  the states of  AL, FL, GA, SC, and TN best 18 to 25 years of age football players not currently playing in a professional or attending a collegiate program with the opportunity to develop and display their abilities against a high available level of football competition.  We will help to promote the ability abilities of our league's players so that those who seek either professional or collegiate opportunities have the best possible chance to develop realize their goals with the help of the local communities and local school. Furthermore, we pledge provide the football fans of the  AL, FL, GA, SC,TN with the opportunity to enjoy football played by outstanding adult athletes trying to continue there education or pursue some level of Professional Football an opportunity and for fans to still enjoy these athletes at a marginal cost for the entire family to enjoy before high school, college or the NFL kicks off. Finally we pledge to continue to be a platform for great student athletes from the targeted areas continue to have the opportunity to perform on the field of play and stay off the streets on a Saturday night. Further we pledge all members of the SAFL are role models to the youth of the targeted communities.


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