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Vance Middle School Football


1.      The mission ofthe Vance Middle School Football program is to provide a quality athletic experience for our young men by demonstrating the values of hard work, discipline, teamwork, and character, which will be valuable to them other than just while involved in football.

2.      Everyone equals one. We win as a team, and we loose as a team regardless of what each person's role is. "The whole is greater than the sum ofthe parts".

3.      Value the necessary sacrifice for a high level of conditioning.


1.      Do not do anything that will be detrimental to yourself, your team, your family, or your school.


It is important that everyone attends practice everyday. Unexcused absences consist of any absence not approved prior to the absence. We understand things arise and are willing to compromise. The main thing is we know where your child is. If they are absent from school we will see that on the absentee sheet. If they leave school early they need to get word to us personally or through one of the secretary's. If they have an appointment after school we want to be made aware of it prior to the appointment. A copy of the football programs athletic discipline policy is provided under the "dicipline" tab on the home page. This will outline both attendance and discipline procedures. 

Playine: Time

Everyone on the team plays an important role in making the football team the best it can be. Everyone will not play an equal amount of playing time. We will do our best to play everyone we possible can without putting anyone in a situation where they may get hurt. We need players who are dedicated to putting the team first. If you, as a parent, have a concern about your son's playing time, please discuss issues with the coach or coaches by appointment at a mutually convenient time. Please do not approach one of the coaches immediately after a game or practice. Talk to your son and get an idea of how he feels and what he thinks about the team and his role on the team. Have your son talk to his coach and if the issues are not settled then set up an appointment to talk with the coach.


Players are provided with practice gear, game equipment and all needed equipment to participate. Players are responsible for keeping up with their equipment throughout the season and will be held accountable for all equipment at the end of the year. The coaches will wash game uniforms. The only cloth goods that are to be taken horne are: practice jersey, practice pants, T-shirts and girdle shells.


All players will ride to and from away games on the bus.



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