Jul 23/21
2:35 pm





Team Ticker:
  • Starting Friday April 27 (and every Friday thereafter) we will have a practice from 5:00 to 6:30 at BYC field #3.
  • Vince Parme (#8) has been placed on "Injured Reserves" status until further notice.
  • Due to an growth plate injury sustained @ practice, he'll be in a cast for (3) weeks and unable to run for another (3) after that.
  • He has been ordered though to suit up and attend all practices.
  • Thanks for checking in. Go Marlins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Countdown to Christmas
(Dec 25/07)

Welcome to the new BYC Marlins Home Page! We all are wishing our 10 year olds good luck throughout the season. Please come out and cheer them on to Victory! Check the "Team Ticker" to your right for the latest up to date info on the team. You can click the "Schedule" and "Calender" baseballs to the left for our game schedule. Stay tuned for more updates to the site. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.

GO MARLINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to click on the "Forum*" baseball on your left to add your own content, comments, suggestions, etc. This page is for all of the team to participate in, both parents and players. Enjoy.


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